Salisbury North Carolina
July the 12th 1862
Dear Wife
I take the presant morning to pen
you a fiew lines to inform you that I am in tolerable
helth at presant and as well satisfied as could be expected
hopeing these fiew lines ma find you all in good helth and
geting along well the rest of the boys are well We moved
in the Garison yestarday and commenced duty I was on gard
last night in town at the comissary it is one Squar in the
middle of town Some of the largest houses fild with provisin
and amanition for the soldiers which has to be garded every
night to keep any one from braken in and steeling it
I now will discribe the Garison it is about 15 acres planked
up about 16 feet high inside of this at one corner is our tents
about thirty or forty yards from our neares is the Prison for
the Yanky Prisners It is a larg Brick house as large or
larger than the Factry at Salem it is 4 Story high with
60 Windows in it Grated over with iron like a gail the
Prisners are at liberty to go about in the lot they have
a sort of a shanty store where they trade among themselves
you must knock along the best you can till I come
Direct your letter J C Zimmerman
[page 2]
Wright son and give me all the news about eveything
and how the conscripts are a comeing out

no women are allowed to come in the garison there is
but one way to get opur and then you have to have permition
from the officers as soon as you are out the door is locked
and kep so In this Garison and around our tents is the nasties
and if you was here you would think the stinkines places
in the world it is enough to make a ded man heeve
such is the place we are in I will give you the names of
our tent boys viz G W Banner J W Spease Jessy Pace J B Wright
Gorg Beck A J Spease and Mr Richman all fine fellows shure
We cannot get anything here but Bread and meat without paying
four prices Eggs is 25 cents a dozen Chickens 40 to 50 cents a piece
Bacon 35 to 40 cents a lb. Other thing in proportion it would
pay to bring down a lode it would go like hot cake I applied
to the Captin for a furlow to come home yestarday but he
said we all had to be here a monday and he said it
wouldnot give me time to do anything in so short a time
I will come if there is any chance as soon as I can get off
John says they may sell Three Barrels of his whisky if
they can get Three dollars and a quarter in North Carolina
money keep the bungs in tight and not to retail
any of the other Barrel only at a dollar a quart cash

July 12, 1862


Co. D, 57th North Carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Forsyth County, NC


Name Variant: 
Full name is Martha Adaline Zimmerman; goes by Adaline
Residence (County): 
Forsyth County, NC


From State: 
North Carolina
From Municipality: 


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
July, 2010
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
July, 2010

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