Camp Near Summervill Va

Oct the 7th AD 1863
Dear and Affectionate Wife
With great pleasure I once
more take my pen in hand to
drop you a fiew lines to
inform you that I am enjoying
a reasonable portion of helth
at preant and hope when these
fiew lines come to hand they
find you all in good helth
I have no news of importance
to wright I have been looking
for a letter from you so long
that I have come to the
conclution that you have entirely
forgoten me If I could get letters
from you I would answer them
I would of wrote before now
but I have been writing and
looking every mail for the
last two weeks and got nun I wrote
a half sheet the other day
but did not get to send it
until now On Last monday we
was ordered in line of battle
It was thought the yankees
was advanceing but they was
only on inspection or drill we
are now back in our old camps
and all is quiet as ever some
four or five has come in to this
company from the Horspitles
and They are comeing every day
To differant regt They are nun
runing away sience The 21 Regt
come to take up diserters
[page 2] [upside down in margin]
my pen is so bad I will wright
you a good long letter when I
get my mone so I can buy some
paper pens and ink
The yankees are comeing over
most every day two and sometimes
three come over a day and
sware They will fight no longer
for Old Abe there was some
chat that they wer going to
pay us off Today but I cannot
put any confidence in camp news
any more I want you to
wright how you are geting
along with you affairs it
will be some consolation for
me to here it donot seam
that I will get to come
home directly There is a
good many like myself
wants to come but as a fraid
They cannot get through safe
and then They are Liable to
be Taken up when they get
home If They ever attempt
the like they never would
get a furlow if The ware
was to last ten years I will
come if any comes out of
this company I think there
will be a change before long
again in favor of those that
wants peace and to get home
I will close my fiew lines
It seams I have nothing to pass off
time I used to have Tobacco to chew
and now and then buy a paper to
reid but now I have nothing and
feel considerable like nobody and
no one cared for me a letter to
me as your husband would revive
me very much J C Zimmerman

October 7, 1863


Co. D, 57th North Carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Forsyth County, NC


Name Variant: 
Full name is Martha Adaline Zimmerman; goes by Adaline
Residence (County): 
Forsyth County, NC


From State: 
From Note: 
"Summervill ford Va"


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
October, 2010
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2010

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