Camp Wigfafall Hampton Legion
Dear friend March 7th 1862
I received aletter from
you yesterday dated the 2nd and was happy
to hear from you I got to the camps
last Sunday about twelve oclock I tell you
virginia is ahard road to travel we lay
over one day in Richmond the bridge across
James river was blown up or taken down so
that we had to get off in Chester we then
had some two miles to go & it was
aporing down rain I tell you we have aright
sloppy time of it. I enjoyed myself fine
while Richmond we took the cars again friday
morning we got such adreadful account of
Manassas that we concluded to get off at
Bristo come four miles before we got to
Manassas we arived at Bristo about sunset
afriday evening which left us about the
same distance as when at Manassas we
went over to Brentsville some three miles
from Bristo and remained there until
saturday evening we then set out for
bacon race adistance of twelve miles we
got there about eight oclock saturday night
which left us about the same distance to
go the next morning it is hardly worth
while to try to describe the roads as you
could have no definite Ideia unless you
you could see them when we left Brentsville
saturday the ground was frozen pretty hard
but [?????] it would brake [????] every few [1]
[??????] and when ever it did we was certain
[page 2]
to go in up to our knees & sometimes
deeper asunday every thing was frozen so and the
roads was cut up so it was like walking
on round rocks all the way it commenced snow
ing on us Sunday before we got to camps and
continued until late in the evening it was the
largest snow I have ever seen it then set in
to raining in the night & continued until tuesday
evening I found most of the boys enjoying
tolerable good health with the exception of two
or three James Burdine was taken yesterday
with asevere attact of Pneumonia I stood my
trip fine and feel well as ever if I can
only mantain it I find we have agood deal
more to do than when I was here in the fall
they have picketing or other fatigue duty
to do every day I have not done any duty
yet from the fact I blisterd my feet so a
getting here that I have not been able to
wear my boots but they are in about well we
are expecting afight every day we are in two miles
of the enemy I can hear their drums every day we
had alittle fight tuesday night with our pickets &
theirs and killed ten of them & they killed one of ours
or wounded him so he is oblige to die & wounded another
slightly in the hand I was surprised when I heard of
Ellens wedding as I thought She could adone very well
without confineing herself so closely but I had better
not say any more on that subject I hope the times
will soon come when we may return to our home in
peace and enjoying the blessings of life as we have hereto
fore done I would write more but it is extremely cold
& I have no chance to write only on my knees Dr knight
sends you his best respects. give [??????????????????] [2]
aquaintance & return the same I remain as ever your

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March 7, 1862


Co. D, Hampton Legion
Residence (County): 
Anderson County, SC


Name Variant: 
Co. L, 1st Regiment South Carolina Rifles
Residence (County): 
Anderson County, SC

Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
May, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2012

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