Camp Gregg near the rappahannoc va
Dear friend I seat my Self
to drope you a few lines to let
you no that I am well and
doing tolerble well I received your
letter and you wrote to me when
you was at the hospitle requesting
me to take your clos and sell them
I don so and sent your money home
with mine I sold all of your close
that come in my box except one scarf
that Lankfred scott took and sead he
I would pay you what you ask for it your
knapsack has bin lost I took some of
your paper and in velops and braut
them at ther Camp and sold them
with your other things times hear is
hard we onley git quarter rashens
to eat and some times not that we
hav some cold weather hear we hav
a snow hear now a bout six inchise
fell yester day this morning it is a
raining we hav bin looking for a
battle hear for the last two weeks
I think this will stop it for for a while
Well I Will begin a gain I hav to stop
writting to go and get me of my teeth
pould and I hav got it out and now
I can write with some satis faction the boys
is all as well as common capt moor gives
his best respects to you and wishes you
grate luck and hopes you will be
well in a few weeks capt moore
has Just bin releaved at this minute
[page 2]
withe out any trial and he is a bout
mad a nough J J Lolless come from the
housepitle yesterday his hand is not
well yet and he ses it wont be well
in two monts I would be glad to be
at home and go to see you and hear
you talk a bout the girls and
drink some good old honey and brandy
you may tell mr Barkley that I havent
got old abes coat buteons yet but
some of his men lack to of got [1]
mine but as it hapent I come out
saif with out a scratch neal I would
lack to see you when you git able
go over and see your little boy I hard
that they had named it af ter you
if you see any of my people you may
tell them that I am well you
musent git mad at my Joke but if
I could see you I could tell more
than I could write in a week I will
come to a close so no more but remain
yours un til Death
Mr J. B. O. Barkley From
Wm Turner

Mr J.B. O. Barkley                      write soon if you pleas
I will write you a few                     and let me no how
lines I am fat & hearty as             you arr a giting a long
a pig beaf & bread is most            and all of the nuse
two good for poore folks like us          both good And bad
I am glad to hear you hav got home but dont do like Some
of the boys marry before you leave We are geting a long finely
Turner I guess has give you all the nuse I will ad none at this time & give
my my Respects to all inquirreing friends            W. E. Pagett sends his Respects to you
capt J. B. M restored to his command                   A. Campbell

  1. lack = like
February 18, 1863


1st Regiment South Carolina Rifles


Name Variant: 
Co. L, 1st Regiment South Carolina Rifles
Residence (County): 
Anderson County, SC


From State: 
From Note: 
Camp Gregg near the Rappahannock River

Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
May, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2012

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