January th19 1864
Camp at Russellvill tennessee
Dear Wife I Seat myself with
pleasure to drop you Afew lines
in ancier to your most Wellcom
letters that has reached me
and I was truly glad to h[ear?]
from you it [?????????????]
letter dated the 18 and 22 of [december?]
on the 16 of January and the one da
ted the 3 of Jan on the 18 I was
truly glad to hear from you
and to hear that it is only [???]
Well With you all as it is
but My Dear I am sorow to
that [???????????????????]
help you for I know that you
have got hard times and its not
my wish for it to bee so and i
Want you to hire some one yet
if you can get them I had wrote
for father and you father to
hire for me but I don’t expect
that you got my letter turn over
[page 2]
For if I was at home I wold have
Shoes for you and if they Wold
cost fifty dollars and I Want
you to get them for yourself
if they are to be had my dear
I have agood pair of shoes my
pants is prety ny worn out
but they are drawing [So with?]
this and I entend to draw me a pair
of pants as soon as I can and a
over coat if I can get it as for
What We get to eat dose better
than it has ben but it is Scant
enogh yet my Dear as for What
to do With Jack you can doe as
you think best but my [advice?]
is to sell hem for if you fead
hem all Winter and then let
hem work all Summer for his
food What Will he profet you
you may have all the truble an
Some body else get the profit
Sell hem for as mutch as you
can and When ever it suits you
[page 3]
those few lines leaves me well
except the coald and I hope
those few lines may reach an
finde you all in good health
my Dear as for newse I have
but little and What I have
is not so good long street Was [1]
marched out on the 15 to meet
the yanks but thank god We
got back to our Winters quarter
last night they Was gon
about 7 miles from hear
myself did not go tell the 19
the reason was I had no shoes
tell the 17 I drew apair and
Went to the company [they?]
Staid a nite and a day after
I got to the and I am glad
of it for the Snow Just melted
away yesterday and last nite
there Was another one fell So
you may guess how it is to hav
to go bare footed heare and my dear
dont think that I want you to [hav it?]
[page 4]
my dear We got our box and evry
thing in it Was good but What
you sent With Shealy I have
not got for he has never got to
the company yet my dear I
Want you to Write soon as
this comes to hand and Send
me five dollars for I am out
of tobacco and money two and
I heard today that our pay
roll Was made out Wrong and
it may be Amonth or two befo
re We get our money my dear I
am going to Send you Afew gra
ins of tennessee corn I sent
you some beens with [??] amick
and I Want you to try them
and the corn So I must close
by asking you to Write Soon
and give me all the newse
at home and how all my
babys looks so I close for this
time James. J. amick to Mrs M C

  1. Gen. James Longstreet
January 19, 1864


Company I, 15th South Carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Lexington County, SC


Residence (County): 
Lexington County, SC


From State: 
From Municipality: 


To State: 
South Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Melissa McGinnis
Transcription Date: 
April, 2009
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
October, 2009

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