Richmond VA Sep the 3 1862
Dear Brother I now im brace the oppertunity with
the gratis pleasure to Ancer your letter that I receive
on the 2 I was glad to hear from you and that
you was well I am tolrable at this time and
I sicere hope that this letter ma find you and
all the Boys in good helth we have some
good news here now that is that Stonewell
Jackson is cut Poope and Mccellan Army [1]
all to peaces we have Scatterd the yankees
all over the woods or that is the report here
now the last Fight was a bout Manassas some
whear or nother tha have bin yankees or
Prisners at lest sent in here every day last
week . I tell you if we can be succesful a
little longer the war will soon come to and
End or I think so at lest for I tell you
the North cant stand it I have bin over
the Battle ground that was Fought clost her
to Richmond in July that seven days fight
I tell you that it is a sight to Enny man
to see. It looks like the yankees and
Mccellan could have never bin moove from
thar entrench ments but I tell you that tha
was move and tha have not stop till yet
nor I dont think tha will stand as long as tha can
hold out to run but tha have runed nere
a bout as far as tha can and I think in
a few days more that we will have the
Citty of Washington for our forces is clos
thar now. then for that good news I hope.
and that is pease I tell you that I would
[page 2]
be happy to hear tha[t] and I exspect a good menny others
could be glad to hear that now I will tell you whar I
am I am located at Richmond VA. acting as Curier for
Major Gen. G.W. Smith Our Company is split ther is
twenty four of us detail out of the Company as Curiers and
Body gard for Gen Smith. I and Brother Sam is to geather
and too of Brookers and John Smith the rest of the men
you dont no if I wast to memtion thar nams
the Balance of the Company is with the Squadron of
Our Cavilry all the Martins is with the Company
yet, tha are a bout twenty miles from Richmond
in Camps on deuty I hear from them every day
tha are close to some yankees tha have bin shooting
at Each other a reddy John I like mi
Position better than if I was with the Company
we and our Horsses fair better bi being Curier
but I am on dewty every other day a caring this [2]
Patches from one mile to 30 miles I cant tell
you how long we will be here maby all this
Winter I cant say we every Gen Smith goes
we haft to go. John give mi Respects to all the
Boys first to your self you must write to me
as quick as you can and give me all the news
you have so I must Bring my letter to a close
still remains your sicere friend untill Death
Mr John J Jefcoat S B. J. P. Jefcoat
Back your letter in this way . Richmond VA
care of Major Gen. G. W Smith

  1. Poope = Gen. John Pope
  2. the Patches = dispatches
September 3, 1862


Co. D, 7th South Carolina Cavalry
Residence (County): 
Orangeburg County, SC


Co. D, 20th South Carolina Infantry
Musician, Private, Sergeant
Residence (County): 
Orangeburg County, SC


From State: 
From County: 


To State: 
South Carolina
To County: 
To Note: 
Sullivan's Island

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Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
February, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2012

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