Camp Brooks Adams Run April
the 23: 1862

My dear wife and Child I Seat my
Self this morning to in forme you that I
am well at this time hoping when theas fiew
lines Comes to hand at tha will find you
all well well Margret I resivd your letter
on the 22 and you dont no how glad I was
to hear from you tho I was Sora to hear that
you had bin loosing your Salt and Soda and
meal hoo do you think it was and how tha
broke in tell Darling Child that if I Com home
from this plase on furlo that I will bring hear
another pupy the woods is full of wild dogs and
wild Cats Margret you sed that you wanted mea
to Com home and fetch you sum fanes or send [1]
them I told Sank when he left the Camp I wante
him to Cut you one and darling Child one and
take to you tha was on his rode the fanes is not
around the Camps tha are 8 mild off towarge the run
if the Company is Reorganise an furlo and if
wee do I will bring the fanes the old men
is exempt over 35 and if wee dont Get to
Com home I will sind them by the first
one that pases did Sank fetch darling Child
her town dol I Give him the mony to Get it
[page 2]
well Margret I am Glad to hear that Mrs
Cooper is Going to stay with you you must rite
mea word how you and hear is agoing to maniag
and wether the Corn is Com up well or
not what wee planted before I left home or
not and wether James works well or not and
minds you Margret I sent you fifty dolars by
dr Fuller I told him to Give it papy and he must
take it to you it is in one bill I Cold not
Get it Changed doun hear for you well Margret
you Stated that you was lonsome and had no
person to Speak to hardly except darling Child
and She was as sweet as ever nad Caling her
papa and he never ansers tell her if God
is willing that he will ancer her little Sweet
long sum day I hope and trust that wee
will meet around the hapy fire side again
all the pleasure Margret I expect to See
while I am from you is Getting letters and
ancerning them Margret rite to mea once a
week want you Sind Your letters to the
ofise every fryday eavning and I will put
one in hear every tusday and when you
Sind yours to the ofise you Can Get mine
and if I kep well and hear from you
once a week and hear that you and darling
Child is well I think maby I Can keep from
[page 3]
Greaving so mutch You dont no how
Gald I would be to see you and Darling
Child no tong Can tell no eyes Can see
no ears Can hear my thouts Margret you
must kep Fany and the Colt but if you need
any more Corn and fodder you Can by it
I sent you a letter in one that Polk sent to
Nerva I thout that you would not be
looking for one from mea So Soon after Getting
one and then I draud my Bounty mony
and send it to you in another letter
Margret it is a hard word for mea to
say Death and a hard thout But you no
that Death is Shure Margret if God Cales
mea from the Stage of action while wee
are apart and You Should beliving I want
You to have mea put wher you want
to be put your self whin you Die and
and then I want for you and mea and
Darling Child to be berred Side and Side
I hope wee will all inJoy the fruts of life
to Gether once more but Death is so
Shure that I thout that i would be
nothing amiss to Rite my wishes to you
So nothing at present ondly Remain Your
husband untell Death} William Irby Box
To Mrs Margret Box and Miss Lueller Box darling
My Sweet wife My Sweet Child Child

  1. some fans, in this case probably palmetto fronds
April 23, 1862


Name Variant: 
W. J.
Co. C, 3rd South Carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Laurens County, SC


Residence (County): 
Laurens County, SC
Residence (County): 
Laurens County, SC


From State: 
South Carolina
From Note: 
Camp Brooks, Adams Run


To State: 
South Carolina

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
July, 2014
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
August, 2014

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