Richmond V. A. January 4th
My Dear wife and Chrilden
it is a grait Satisfaction to mea this morning to
inform you that I am well except a bad cold and
coff tho I have improved a grait deal in the
last 3 weeks I waid the other day and I 100.56 lbs I
had a very hard Spell but I was not confind to
my bed but one week I maid 12 pair of Shoes last
week wich ernd to $4 20 cts and tha paid mea for them
Well Margret you stated that you have had the
the fine Son I am glad to learn that you and it is
is doing well I would like to Cum home annd see
my Son and daughter and you and all the rest of
the folks but tha is no chance what ever in the
wourld but I hope thar is a day ahead whin wee will
meet on earth and rais our chiril in the way tha
Should live I hope that I will live thru the war and
Get back home to help you rais our Chrildren you
Sed Sumthing a bout wanting mea to Sind it a name
and Sed you wanted it named after mea I would
wish it cold named after my Self So you must
caul it William Irby Box I hait to name it after
a dead person you Sed ant bell wanted it named
after uncle william but I dont bleave in
naming after dead people
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I am very proud of it being a boy wee have got one
a peas you sed that lizzy had a boy to the boy
poplation is improving tha will be a fine chance of
Soldiers in the famely after a while tha all Get
grone ciss little Willey for his papy and Luellar to
I would Sind my chrildren a present if I cold
Get one to them and you all so I hope you
and the chrildren will do well and I will cum
home gest as soon as I can Margret it seames as
hardy wants to play a trick on you hardy tole me
that he would pay the salt back I sold him I wanted
him to pay the salt back as I was going off and
he told mea he would and if he had of bin a
gentleman he would of don it but his actions has
proved heartfore that he was not a gentleman this war
will proove a heap of gentlemen to be Quite small
men I think that if wee live that wee will all
Get home this summer or fal from all infermation
I can gain the big men that belongs to the army
and those that reads a heap is ofering to bet 6 to
1 that peas will be made in 6 month that dont
make it so but I hope it will be so Margret
I hant never got my boots and hat and socks
Yet I have draud clothing as mutch as I want
for this time except socks I want you to rite
ofen beshure to dont fail to rite ever two weeks
if not ever week I must Close for this time
Your husband untill Death } Margret Box }W I Box

January 4, 1863


Name Variant: 
W. J.
Co. C, 3rd South Carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Laurens County, SC


Residence (County): 
Laurens County, SC
Residence (County): 
Laurens County, SC
Name Variant: 
Residence (County): 
Laurens County, SC


From State: 
From County: 


To State: 
South Carolina

Transcription/Proofing Info

Bambi Whitaker
Transcription Date: 
July, 2014
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
August, 2014

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