March 8th 63
Dear Sister
I now have a pocket
full of letters to answer and th two
from you I have just received the letter
you sent by Capt Powell and the
one by Mr. Coggins, I am glad Mr.
Griswold speaks a good word for us
I think a heap of him, but I
dont think he would suit you, I received
the paper an envelopes you say the
children wants you to take the
money you received to buy a cow
well why dont you do it that is
what I sent it for is to do you
good Tell Mrs. Murrell I fell under
many obligation to her for being remem
bered in her prayers this is in
answer to the former well now to the
lattr I am glad that you are doing
so well you seem to be quite cheer
ful of late, that is if you feel as
you writ, I rejoic to hear that
your boys are doing so well, all th[is?]
I say that is right [at?] all they can
for it will be an honor to them
as long as they live,
[Page 2]
I am well aware that things are going
on badly at Jas as you say but if
they make enough to eat they will
be doing well, when I look at the
destruction of every thing here I think
where people ma[t??] enough to eat they
are doing well
If Elijah was here he could get
a furlough or probably a discharg
I always will regret one thing, that
he did not come on with me when I
came to join the regt there is no news
here the army is being still, we are
having good weather since march come
in if it should continue we will
not lie [???] long, there will be
more blood spilled this year than
ever, I believe that we will [leve?]
[?????] for our army is in bettr
condition now than it has ever been
the [negr?] army of the north is only
adding fuel to fire of our solt
soldier I expect that we will it
take another campaign in the shenando
ah valley this spring I received
a letter from Lizzie yesterday, she sent
me a sample of home industry allthetime
tell [her?] all the [harm?] I wish her is that
[Page 3]
she would send me a shirt like
a pece of the cloth she sent me
she tells me when I come home
not to bring no Confederate
diamonds, I dont suppose she has ever
seen one, tell her she may look for
a pair of them in letter before
I should like to come home
very much but as long as I can
keep well and have a hope of ever
getting back I am satisfied, but be
assured that I shall come home the
first oppertunity I received a letter
from Lieut Johnson a few days ago he
is enjoying himself finely, we are
having prayer meeting three times a
week in the regt now, I am in hopes
that much good will be derived
from it Capt Powell is the leader
well sister our Capt is a good man
I do like the old fellow we were
payed off again saturday I will send
some postage stamps if I can get
them Lewis has not grown a lot
since he has been in the army
we received a pair of [sock?] a peace by
Mr. Coggin but dont know who sent
[Page 4]
Give my love to John Jennie and
Jim love to the boys Lizzie
and Emma if you [???] to
Elijah soon tell him that I shall
write to him before long
give Miss Carrie and Miss Fanny
my pious regards if you see them
soon how is Miss Orline Mc.
looking them times

  1. remainder of closing faded and spotted
March 8, 1863


Co. D, 3rd Alabama Infantry
Residence (County): 
Macon County, AL


Residence (County): 
Macon County, AL


From State: 


To State: 
To County: 

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Bambi Whitaker
Transcription Date: 
April, 2013
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
April, 2013

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