camp rise cassey bridge
aug the 25 1863
Dear wife and children and
father and connection I take
this optuny of writing you a
few lines tha leave me well
hopen tha may come safe to
han and find you all well
and injoring the blesing of the
lord I hant got muth good to
write at the present tha is a
heap sead about the war
sum fer peces sum fer fiting
I think this war will beroke
up with a row luck abe
lincon was alected and crook
shanks wase alected I want [1]
to see you all mity bad
but as I cant see you I want to
hear from you I rece your
kind letter the 18 that
you wrote the 16 I rece your
fathers kind letter 21
wrote the 13 I wase glad
[page 2]
to hear from you and
to hear you wos getin well
and the children mending
I hope the lord will bles
you all an re storen you
all to health again tha
cavaly taken up sum
men in shelby a few dayes [2]
ago tha brot them to
willson vill and thar [Wilsonville]
one of the prisner beat one
man very bad the [caverly?]
and the sitson striped one [3]
prisner an put 500 lash[es] [4]
on him an then card him
to town tha wose all
drunk I wont you all
to write sun give me all
the news nuthing more only
I remanes yours husbren
untell death J. W. stewart
to his wife mary ann stewart
an all the connection
[page 3]
i will add a few lines to
you I think if you have eny
more baken then it will take
to dew you I think you had bet
ter save it fer your have
lost so meny of your hoges you
had better save your baken
an onley kill the bares and [5]
let them gilts go and put [6]
them little bares in the feal
and make them dew all
tha will sault is goin to
be hard to get if tha is
eny compny maken up to
send after sault you had
better put in an send afte
sum sault tha sa the [soldiers?]
wife can get sault at 21
dollars per sack if tha have
ten in famly you can put
in fer 7 in famly tha have
made up severl thous [dolly?]
for the wimen in tha get it
at 50 cts per bushel
[page 4]
thread at three
Dollars for bunch wheat
at one doller a bushel
I will come home and tel you
all about it I want you to tel
John .s. green famly hody fer
me if he hant gon back
to his compny tel him I wont
him to stay if he can tel I
com home if he cant I
wont him to write to me and
give me all the knews i wont
him to prise that yerlen of
hisen i wont to bi it for the
boys tha is two of the sarget
sayes tha will make a chance
fer me to come home i wont
one steal trap an one bed
tick an sum uninges nuth
ing more at present far well
I remaines your husben
until death James W stewart
to his wife mary ann stewart

  1. Marcus H. Cruikshank of Alabama, elected to the Confederate Congress in 1863
  2. Shelby County, Alabama
  3. citizens
  4. edge of page folded over the last letters of some words
  5. barrow, young male hog
  6. gilt, young sow
August 25, 1863


Co. I, 18th Alabama Infantry
Residence (County): 
Talladega County, AL


Residence (County): 
Talladega County, AL


From State: 
From County: 
From Note: 
Camp Rice


To State: 
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Toni Mitchell
Transcription Date: 
March, 2011
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
September, 2011

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