The State of alabama mobile county
may the 29 day 1862
mi dear wif i seat mi Self down to let
you no that i am on the land a mong the
liven and i hope thes fu lines ma find
you well for times hear is Sickle i am
well all to the head ake i hav had the head
ake to or thre daes our bois is not well John hardley
Jack haseltt w A pendley and J W rogers
is a litle beter than he wose 5 men dide her yisterd
day tha found a botle of mederson and tha
drunk hit and hit poisend them i never
Sead the lik be for i will tel you eny body
that hant bin in campes dont no nothing a
bout hit tha Sa that this rdgmt cant muster
more than 1 honderd men tel the boys to make
all bread that tha can for i think
i wil get back tim tha gethers it ef i
dont before i think i wil get bak be fore ef i
ceape well ihope that we wil all get back
to our good homes and find all our litle
famley thar and well well now i wil
tel you somting a bout how we ar fixt
w r rogers is 2 Sergent h g amerson 2 corpul
G h amerson 3 corpul and i 4 corpul and hit
all hard a nuf i drother
be at home than eny thing els it Aint
like home hear but we hav prair mating
wonst and a while i rickleck all your ad vice to
me tel litle that i no whot She Sead
to me when we all de parted i Shal ceep all
yours ad vice for i think it is all
good rody i wont you to rit to me
whother you got your thing i Sent you
or not
[Page 2]
i won to heer from you i hav rote thre
ro or fore leters Sence i hav ben hear i
no you wil and tel all the rest to
rite to me for i wont to hear from
you all tel old fothers and mothers
and all the rest of mi good friends
So i must com to [A?] close for i hant
A got time to rite eny mo at preas
but ef i cod Se you icod tel you
more than we all rite [???] fare w tel
i Sea you a gain or hear from you
W S Poe to rhody Poe
William S William William S S
rhody Poe                 William S Poe
Ro                            and Rodey Rogers was mared
november the 20 1861

May 29, 1862


Co. I, 32nd Alabama Infantry
Residence (County): 
Fayette County, AL


Name Variant: 
Rhody, Rhod
Residence (County): 
Fayette County, AL

Transcription/Proofing Info

Genevieve M. Vallentine
Transcription Date: 
May, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
April, 2013

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