State of Ala Fayett County August the 28 1862
dear companion i availe my self to let you no how
we all ar at the presente time we ainte well i am
not vere wel dad aint wel nan ainte mutch beter
than she wos whn i rote before sume of Jim an
Janes children is sick your papes foks is well i
herde from them yesterday Mr Amerson is sick
and litel Foster is ded he did the 22 day with
this Soer throte he suffered a hepe be fore he dide thou
he is dun sufring now i hope when these 2 few lines
comes to hand that wil find you wel and douing
like wise i reseve too leters from you last nite i
was glad to her from you wone moer time fore when
i here from you i donte no that i ever will here frm
you again or no mutch les se you oh what wod i
giv to se you ef we cante engoey each others compney
here i hope we wil in the a bete world than this you
waunte me to rite whother it had raind yet we hainte
had eny raine that is to doeeny god it raines in
Sume plais and sume it raine none it looks like we wil haft
to sufer thou i hope we wonte Sterve you rit a hepe abute
home you waunte to be here i no and i waunte you here Jeste
as bad as you can waunte to be her i hope and trust you
wil git home be forr long ef you caint git to sta ef tha wod
let you come and sta a while i wod be poufel glad william
ef you cainte come rit often fore i waunte to her frome you
[Page 2]
times here is harde and stil wors a comeing it looks like
Jim madrson is goin of[f] tha ar taking the concript out of
wa[l]ker tha sa and he thugh he had beter goe you se[d] you [1]
waunt to send me that money back i sent you must doe as
you think bes about that i uncl asa spard me what he ode you
and i hav go that i waunte you to rite how you cloes is
and shoes is holding out and what you wil nead if you haft to
sta thare and i wil make them i am sora to think this is all the
way i can convese with you i waunte to se you so bad i dont
hardle no how to rite and to think i dont know whether i wil
ever se you again or no it lock lik if you donte com i wont
i wonte to se you worse evra da bute ef we never mete –
here oh ma we prepar to mete in heven where parting i[s] no
mor William rite to me how you are giting along ef you hav
religion i wod be glad to no it and if not i waunte to no ho ef
you haint seake it fore the lord ses ask and ye shal
resev seak and ye Shal find nock and the doer of merse shal
be opend unto you can you here eny beter than you cod
when Mr Amerson saw you William mom ses she wod be glad
ef sume of you wod ten to that money for her you all no moer
aboute it than he does sh wil ned it for sh ainte abel to work
fore i here litil chil dren waunt you to trie to git a
furlou and come home if you caint git to come no other
way so i muste come to a cloes so remines your tru frend
un tel deth Rhoda Poe to Willam S Poe rite Sue and farel not

  1. Walker County, AL
August 28, 1862


Name Variant: 
Rhody, Rhod
Residence (County): 
Fayette County, AL


Co. I, 32nd Alabama Infantry
Residence (County): 
Fayette County, AL


From State: 
From County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Genevieve M. Vallentine
Transcription Date: 
May, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
April, 2013

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