tennsse chatnooga September the 13 1862
dear fother and mother brothers and sisters
i Set mi self to rit you a fir lines to
let you no how i am not well but i am
beter than i hav bin i was 2 day that I diden
a thing and 2 day i codent walk John rogers
went and bot me som milk i that me the
good i dont wont no more mups i this
com to hand hit will fein you all well
and doing will i wont to se you all the
wost in the world you cant tel haf how
bad i wont to be al home if i Jest was
thar i cod git good thing to eat i no i
recive you cind dated Sept the 5 I got hit
las nint wich giv me grat Sats facion to
to her from you you sed James had the
fever is it brother Jim i wont you to
me which James hit tis i recon you hav
got the leter i rot you a bout the battle
i was in Mother ef i git out of this
war and git hom i wil be Sats fid to sta
thar the rest of mi fu das it pouful sick
her our bois is all well but John rogers
he has got the yaller Janders tha is the
most got them i evr Sed Mother brother
georg things i had to leave them in mobile
tha wodont let me fetch them withe me
i left them in the hospital and when
i start i got his testament and pock book
and nif and fin com Jasper cod find the [1]
pockbook his dady was thar i wod sent
hom a man Sed he wod tak his clas out
to mis Selrs She was the won that wait
on us and she wod cap them tel i wen [2]
after them so far et well tel i her from you a gan
WS Poe to fother and Mother
[Page 2]
Mi der Sisters a fir lines to you i wod be the
glads to Se you dont know how bad
I won to be at hom and se you all dear Sisters
i bin pouful sick sen I rot to you be for but
i am som beter der sisters if i was at hom
wher i cod get milk and but and honey i
wod be glad i hope i get to go home Som tim
i cant git a frer low now i wont you to
mak me a par of mix pants and short tal
cot ef you wil e pay Jes whot ask
i no Rhoda aint abul to work muth
and maby i will git to com aginst
cod wether i hope i can der sister I no
you hav a hard time ef i evr git out
this war and git hom i will pay you
for all you troble dont you ricklect
what i tol you when we was in the
feld at wor i mak mi word trn ef
I live I wont you to do the best you
can and when I git hom I wil help you all
[in?] der sisters you dont know hou mutch i
thik of you i no pap cant do mutch i no he
has work to hard this year dear sisters
if he stil am for me to hav them little sters i
wont Jim to work tham i Satsfi him
asa and Mary you must rit to me how
our colt com on i wod be glad to se hit
and our little dog so good bi asa and Mary
tel i her from you a gan der sisters i tel you
mi drem i thot Jim com to se me and
i fix he got the capt to let me go hom
wif him and i got all mi thing fix
To goand i wak he was not thar i codont
Cap from crin a little so i wil clos by sin
mi name W S Poe to Sisters brother
Rite son and fal not

  1. fine comb
  2. cap = keep
September 13, 1862


Co. I, 32nd Alabama Infantry
Residence (County): 
Fayette County, AL


Residence (County): 
Fayette County, AL
Residence (County): 
Fayette County, AL
Residence (County): 
Fayette County, AL
Residence (County): 
Fayette County, AL


From State: 
From Municipality: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Genevieve M. Vallentine
Transcription Date: 
May, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
April, 2013

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