this September the 18 1862 Diear husband it thru the kind
mearsies of god that I am permited this morning to rit

you a few liens to inform you that we ar all wel at
this tim only Pernetha she haint vera wel [??] not
vera sick William i hop this wil com to your hand an
fiend you wil an doing lick wis William i hav
heard sompthing that greaves me to the hart an that
is this i heard that you an brother John an Jack has an
W A penley all got hear leg pru[???] an was tuck up an
cared to taladega William i am Sora to hear [??]to think that
you wos that ny hom an to think how bad i wounted
to se you i cant hardly stand hit oh ef you hadent a met
Thom Poe a poer triefel you mit a bin at hom now oh i dont
no how glad I wod a bin to sead you a com William i feal Jest lick
i had don sumpthin rong tho you rot to no what i thoug a bout
hit an i wonted you to com for hit lock lick that was all the way
that you wod git to com an i dont think hit is eny dissgras to
you nor no other man that cares eny thing for his famley
to run away tho ef you an the god lord wil for giv me for
this i wil try and not doe so no more tho ef yu ever git
the chanc an wantes to com Jest due as you think best an
not think maby i wont be pleasd a bout hit oh William
whot wod i giv ef we cod only git back to our litel hom agin
William when i git to studying a bout hit an maney other
S[o??]es tears wil Stel from my eys in Spit af all i can due
oh William i want you to rit to me an rit all you wod
hav me to [??] oh William i wod giv ever thing in the
world to se you for i hav all most i got out of hart of
ever seaing you ena moer oh ef we will meat in
this life no moer i wont us to meat in heaven whear
we wil never part William ef thom poe has deprive
you of giting hom this time hop this time haint all
well William I wil send you sum cloes by George kilgoer
fore I no that you need sum an I am a fraid that you
wil haft to dou a thaut ef I dont send you sum I rot to you to
rit to me what sort of cloes you wonted tho I [???]
[Page 2]
[??] you never got the leters you [??????] so i will send
won eney how tho i dont no what you nead the worst the
I [???n] you nead Socks as bad as eney thing elc

William tel brother Jhon that I want to se him [?]
an I want him to[??] to to [??] tel him that the conation
is all wel and douind vera wel oh boyes if you had only a
got hom you [?????] to [?]uck [?????] R J ther [???]
or gon as e[??]lers hu has gan to hu[??] with Jim [??]
an Jop has [J???] [Aplin?] tha ar both gon so i wil hav
to com to a cloes so [ remains?] your [????] afectinet wife
untel deth Rhoda Poe to William S Poe William dont
back all of your leters to me back won to your pap an wan
to me an won to Nan an won to Apsa an think tha wil com
beter Dier sun it thew the kind mersis of god i rit you
a few lines to in form you that we are all wel and I hop this
wil find you well wel i haint nothing of [ink?]
res to rit to you at the present time I wont to se you vera
bad an i dont think i wer [d??] eney thin to heald me as
bad in all of my lief to not hear you was [din?] as hit did
when i hard you was taccon back when you got so ni
hom an then had to go back an not Se won of us
William i have got out of hart of ever seaing you un
tel the war ends I wont you to tack as good car of you self
as you can an do the best you can wel i can tel you you
brother Jim and C M is both gon to the war tha are at Fayett
vil yet tho i dont know how long the wil sta ther tha Jined
Samuel Aplin an Sun Seas the will haft to com in
hear an cetch the deserters tha canlers is in thar thick c[???]
whear an not onley hear but ever wher i can hear
of wilk tha is bad times ever wher an no prospect of eney
beter as i can se Jim an C M is [caulers?] William tha
sa that North ala is agaen back to the yunen an the is i recon
when you all git hom you can sta so i wil haf to com
to a cloes by saying you must doe the best you can an
we wil doe the sam [oh?] [thr?] James and Mearey Poe
To William S Poe

September 18, 1862


Name Variant: 
Rhody, Rhod
Residence (County): 
Fayette County, AL
Residence (County): 
Fayette County, AL
Residence (County): 
Fayette County, AL


Co. I, 32nd Alabama Infantry
Residence (County): 
Fayette County, AL

Transcription/Proofing Info

Genevieve M. Vallentine
Transcription Date: 
May, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
April, 2013

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