Camp Near Rapddan Va
Auguste. 20. 18.62
Mr.. A..J..White
Dere Freind
I now seat my self to inform you
that I am well and doing well hopeing when
thes few lines com to hand they will find
you the same Andy I have Juste
saw one of the worst sight that
I Ever saw in my life I have
Juste saw a man shot fore disertion
Hee bee long to the fifth Virgina regment
I thaute it was bad a nuff to see our
Men shote bye the yankees but it is
Worse to see them shote by our one men
It is more than I Ever Expected to see in
My life bee fore it is a desperte thing shore
you have no ider what it is unless you
Cood see it I will will say somthing Elce about
the ware wee have Juste been in a big
Fight Near culpper courte house Va
Wee Whipe the Enmey back and then
Wee fell back near Gordansvill Va and
Campe too days and now Wee are one
Advancing on the Enmey a gain
We are looking fore the biggest fighte
[page 2]
That We have Ever had in Va
I think it Will com of to marrow wee have
To bee redey to moove by somdown and I think
Wee Will March in the fight in a Moring [1]
Wee can go up on the hill aboute a halfa
Mile and see Juste as many yankees as you
Wante to they are Just as fur as you
Can see any Way you Will look the
Yankees Exnoledg that they loste three
thousan in the laste fight I thing
that they loste more than that our loss
Was small Wee nevar loste nary man
Out of our company I doante have to go
In to a fight at tole I am permoted to
Hospittle surgent and get twenty one dolars
Per month I had heape rother do that
Than stand garde and have to drill and
Then I am in no danger at tole I have
Tourn out to studying medison all to gether
I doante have any thing to do but ishu out medison
To the sick and that is not avery harde Job fore
Mee Andy I Wood like to see you and talke With
you I cood tell som things that Wood
Interrste you so I muste close fore the
Prsant you muste rite to me as soon as you
Get this and Dirrect your letters to
Gordansvill Va in the of Capt W.M. Butt
21 Georgia Vol yours untill Deth M…M…Humphries
To AJ White Esq

  1. the morning
August 20, 1862


Company A, 21 GA Infantry


Company C, 30 GA Infantry ("Campbell Sharpshooters"); Bank's Partisan Rangers, 21 GA Cavalry [summer 1862 only]


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Camp near Rapidan, Virginia

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Shiloh Peters
Transcription Date: 
July, 2011
Michael Ellis
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December, 2012

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