Dear father i Seate myself to drop you
A few lines to let yow know i am well at
this time hoping these few lines may find
you and all the rest in the Same i dont know
hadly what to write i am over in Richmond
near the yankes i am in two miles of the
place whare the battle wase fought in Richmond
i am in five miles from Richmond i heard the big
Guns yesterday down at drewersbluff & we have
A good [eld?] of Sickness here two men died this eveing
one out of our compay i am exspecting A battle
her ever day we are drilling hard as we can i
have walk over the old five hundred times
i have not got any bounty yet we are gitting
our arms and Aquipments i am better Satisfide then
i wase but i want you to get me A Substute if
you can for ever thing i have got give all
of my land 150 acres and give my horse and buggy
and if that wont do give that peace of land
on Buchom 47 acres for i had rether be
at hom and have nothing in the world
then to be her and have ten Thousand
Dollars i want you to attend to this if you
please and i will pay you for your trouble
[page 2]
i had rether be at home and work for my
bread daily then to be her faceing the cannons
balls and have fifty Thousand Dollars i want
you to git some body if you can Just as
soon as you can and if that aint A
nuff to git A substute you may go to Angeline
and she will give you forty Dollars and
then go to uncle Elbert Patridge and tell
him to pay you 1.60 Dollars give
all the land i own and horse and buggy and
two hundred tell Elbert to pay it for me
and if you can not git A man for that property
i would be glad you would sell the land horse
and buggy and git the money and hire A man
Sell it if you can hire Any body if you can
not hire dont Sell if you Sell Sell to the
best advanage if you can Sell it for twelve
hundred Dollars giv it all i wrote to Mr
Kelly the 3 of August to git me A Substute
if he could i told him to see Billy Welldon
and try to git him go and see Mr Kelly and
see what he has don for me About gitting
A Substute thay is thousands sick her and
if i Stay her i Shall never see
[page 3]
old Chatham county any more i dont want
to Stay her i want to come home and my
wife and child once more them that has bin
in A battle Says thay wouldt be in an other

battle for ten Thousand Dollars if they could
help it ever thing is high chickens is
worth 1.25 to 3.00 Dollars Aples 15 cts dozen
peaches 1.50 cts dozen eggs 1.25 dozen butter
1.25 cts lbs tobacco 75 to 100 Dollars per plug
small ginger cacks 25 cts little green Aples
pies 2.0 cts i saw one man eate six at once
onions heads 30 cts we git flour beefe and
bacon pease and Rice william Carpenter
is well i Saw him this morning he come
to my tent he in the first North carolina
Regiment we have [sent?] off our artila to
drewersbluff this morning and i exspect
before tomorrow night i hear thay have
got orders to cuck ther provision to march
out if [?] have to go in battle i dont never
exspect to see you all any more for it
dose look like i could not exscape
[page 4]
i must come to A close by Saying i
Remain your affectionnate son untell
Death i want you to write to me just
as you can for i have not Received any
letter sence i left home from no body
please excuse my bad spelling
and writeing for i am pesterd so bad
i can not hardly write at all write soon
and Direct your letter to Richmond
VA Co. E. 3 Regiment. S. T. N.C. in care of
captain ennette August the 5, 18.62.

Robert Carpenter Solomon Carpenter

August 5, 1862


Co. E, 3rd North Carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Chatham County, NC


Residence (County): 
Chatham County, NC


From State: 
From County: 


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
October, 2010
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2011

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