Deare Father i Seate myself
to inform i am not well but i
am gitting A good eld better
hoping these few lines may
find you and famly well i
can not tell how long i Shall
Stay her i have got five Ring
worms on me at this time i
am very weak yet i Received
your letter dated August 17 18.62
i Received it with grate pleasure
and wase glad to heare you wase
all well i wase glad to heare the
boys wase well i have not heard
from William sence i left the
Regiment i exspect he has been
in several battles from all accounts
he is with Stone wall Jackson
i have wrote twice to Angeline
and once to you Sence i have
been in the hospital i have
not Received but one letter from
Angeline sence i left home i
[page 2]
her to write if She dont do
it i Shall not like it i wrote
in my other letter for Angeline
to Send me $15 i am with out
money and i dont know when
i Shall draw any money her
Send it by hand i want
her to Send me something
good to eate and A half gallon
of whiskey if She could by
any one apassing if She did
not git the other letter i want
her to comply with this letter
i want to know how my
crop looks if you can tell
me any thing About it i
would like to know if She
has got her hogs at home
yet or not i Should like
to know if my Sow has
got pigs or not if thay has
got to making Salt at the
Salt mind i want you to
[page 3]
git A nufe to do Angeline if
you please and if you cant
git it ther i Should be glad
you would git Angeline Salt
with yours and She will
give you the money to git it
i want this money and thing
Sent to me just as Soon as
She can see any chance for i
dont know how long i
Shall Stay in the hospital
if i leave her and go to my
Regiment i Shall not git it
i dont exspect when i draw
i Shall Send the money home
i dont git A nufe to eate her
i only git meate twice A day only
one little peace at A time only
one little of bread at a time
every thing is very hight
her eggs $100 dozen butter 100
chickens 1.00 to 3.00 Dollars
potatoes 50 cts per quart tobacco
[page 4]
from fifty cts to 75 cts per
plugs every thing elce in
propotion i have nothing
more at present i want
you to write soon and give
me the news Direct your
letter to Winder hospital
3 Division ward 87 Richmon
i want you to writ Soon
nothing more at this time
i Remain your affectionate
Son untell Death
September the . 27. 18.62
Robert Carpenter

September 27, 1862


Co. E, 3rd North Carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Chatham County, NC


Residence (County): 
Chatham County, NC


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
October, 2011
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2011

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