Farx County V.A. [Fairfax County]
October the 7 1861
Dear Cosen
I this day Seat my Self to rite
you afew lines to let you no
that I am well and also Joil
is well and Seams to be very
well Satisfide hoping thos
few lines may Com Safe to your
hand and find you all Well
and doing Well I havent got
much to rite at presant only
Wee are all doing finly all
fat and Sassy I way one
hundred and forty eight ponds
I am giting as fat as I was
when I got well I would like
to Sea you all once more and
have Som fun with you
if I Could be at your house
a bout next Saturday night
I Could tell you lots of news
[page 2]
about what I have Saw Since
I left you I would like to be
with Som girls about one
day for thir is no girls much
her I havent tucht a girl
Sinse I left home if I Could
be at my Sweet hearts
house nex Saturday night
I tell you it would do me
more good than fifty dollars
tell all of the girls houdy
for me tell them not to
all git married before I Com
home for I intend to have
me a wife when I Com home
tell miss candis Binum
houdy for me I want you
to talk to her fore me tell
all of my old friends houdy
for me tell Miles and
Saly I would like to Sea
them and thir Children
[page 3]
you dont no how good I
would like to be at home
A Corn Shuckings time
to eat Sweet potatoe and
all other good tings for
it is bread and meat her
one day and meat and bread
the next but wee have plenty
to eat wee have Coffee plenty
only girls wee have nun of
them but wait until wee Com
home and wee will have
plenty of them when we
Come home I want you all
to be good puple and pray
for us to return home a gain
and if we never meat a gain
on earth I hope wee will all
meat in heaven I want you
all to rite to me as Soon as
you git my letter
[page 4]
tell all of my old friend howdy
for me tele Miss Candis Binum
I would like to Sea her and talk
with her a while I want you
to do my Corting and rite
to me how you Com out tell
Farther and Mother Mee and
Joil is well and doing well
So I must Close my lines
by asking you to rite to me
Direct your letter to Fairfax
Station fairfax County .V.A
thirteenth Regiment .N.C.
volenteers in the Cear of
Kernal John T. Hoke

James Fisher to
Miss viney Fisher

October 7, 1861


23rd North Carolina Infantry


Residence (County): 
Catawba County, NC


From State: 
From County: 


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Toni Mitchell
Transcription Date: 
October, 2011
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2011

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