Army of Northern va. April the 20 1864
Dear miss I take the present opertunity of riten a few lines
in anser to your kind leter that com saf to hand yesterday
it found me well and harty we had no nuse to rite
in camp worth taking about we ar stil in camp yet but I
dont no how sone we ma leve the times is very stil here
but Icant sa how long it will be so I am glad to
hear that wilem had got home you stated in your
leter that you had receved a leter that com in
[bin?] [???]berd leter the resen that did it it was
becase that I did not no the post ofis I hope you
will excuse me and I will never do so any more
wel miss betsy I want to ask you one thing I hope you wil
not get mad at me for it i herd a womin sa she
sen some of my leters I wish you wod not shoo them
if you ples I begin to think that you was not
going to anser my leter but it com saf to hand
yesterday evening it was rote Aprile the 4 I was
glad to here from you and to think that you had
not forsaken me yet I wod like to be at
home so that I cod se you sum times I think of
you very often when I cant se you I think the time
long to get home to sta so that I can go to se the
girls I think we wil get home this fall if we
ever do we had two men shot the other day tha was shot for
de[st?]en wel miss I did not get to com to se you but I
hope you will excuse me I think if I get home agane I
Will com to se you if my time is short my
Furloo was so short that did not get to goe enny
[page 2]
enny wher well I must bring my leter
to a close by [rqesten?] you to rite sone
and giv me al the nuse if tha beney
thare when this you se remember
me so meny miles aparte we be so
good by to you this evening R [M?] Moore
To Miss Betsy

April 20, 1864



Name Variant: 
"Miss Betsy"

Transcription/Proofing Info

Toni Mitchell
Transcription Date: 
October, 2011
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2011

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