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Pigeon Vallie July 24th 1864
Dear Brothers
I received your letter of the 7 but
I was not at Pigeon we had moved
to Ashville I was truley glad
to hear from and that you was
still alive & hope yor health
is Still inprov ing buy this
time I am at home on Ten (10) D
furlow I will hav to go to my
co this day weeak I w weash that
you was hear to Spend the weak
with me I think I will hav gay
time there will be a big examination at
Waynesvill the last of this weake I
will go there surtain if Nothing
happens All the girls is going on the
River and I cant help but hav a fin
time I will write you when it comes off
and give you all the news and what
for time I hav Ben you Said
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you wanted for me to Do all I
could for Bryson and Freeman
I will go for Bryson but Freeman
will not git any voats of concequ
nse and there four I think our shore
[f???] [is to?] [k??] [Dr E???] is to throw
our Strength for Love for he is
the strongest man of the two and
then I will tell you that Es will
beat them boath and I think it
Rather doutful about Brysons success
but I hope he will gain the Victory and
Hoaldin will Runn vance the tight
est raise you eaver saw I am a vance
man you said that capt G told you that
we was all going for wilson he told
more than I knowed for I would Vote
for Holdon as soon and I would
vote for old Abe as Soon as Holden I [???]
that if north Carolina [H E henry?] that
the thing is gone [up?]
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Page 3 July the 25 /64
Their is nothing of in terest in the
contrey the wheat crops was tollerabl
good corn all looks fin but is late Father
is [nearly?] done his corn manual is hear
yet and is one of the best Boys to
work out him and Straffin
has mde afine crop this sumer
I hav been cutten some oats today
but it is so hot I cant stand it I will
go over the mountain this evnin
I hav give out the Idie of coming
to your Regt for awhile I think I can
git anice position in the Regt
if it is exchanged I think that we
will make amoove in to Tenn
soon and then we will hav
agay tim from the moovements
that is on foot I think we will
go Soom and if we do Som
one will be [hurt?] but I I cant
tell ho I had afin time [??]
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Saturday at Hartgroveses with
Sallie C and Nan C you ever saw
eating June appels t he girls is all
as lively as tadpoles Ben I think
that this cruel war will end this
fall and I hop that we will all
live to see the end of it let it be
long or short but it dont look
like that som of us can live
when you one ex exsposed
evrey day as you are but I hope you
boath will come through saf
Andie Sais to tell you that She
has affine Boy and wants you
to send him aname for She
cant git one that will Suit him.
(I will close for this time with
love to you both Tom B Edmon
Bin F B B Ed[??]
Direct your letter to Ashvill

July 24, 1864


62nd North Carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Haywood County, NC


Residence (County): 
Haywood County, NC
25th North Carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Haywood County, NC

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Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
October, 2011
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2011

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