Ashville August the(15) 1864
Dear Brother
It is with mitch pleasur that I am Per
mittied to write you afiew lines to let
you know that I am well at this time
I havent any thing of any interest
to write I Received aletter from home
yestarday they was well but very
uneasy about Brother Ben I am very
uneasy about him I am So ansious
to hear from him but I dread to
hear but I prepard my Self to Recive
the worst but I hope that I will hear
good news when I hear Pore fellow I
know that he has Suff So mutch
if he is yet alive tel him I trid to git
of to come and See him but could
not it nearly killed me to think
of neaver Seeing him any more if
he is alive I want him to come home
as soon as he gits able and if you
to come as soon as you can if he is
no mor if ther is any chance for
you to Re Sign and git home
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So that you wont hav to goin
to service I want you to do it and
Sat home with father for he cant
Sea to any thing he is so childish
I dont know what will be come
of him if one of us boys dont
git home Soon I hav nothing
to do that will expose me and
my helth is tollerabl good now
my loungs Stil bleads at times but
not So mutch if the Col would
let us hav an election in our com I
would git alieut place but I dont
know when he will give us that
privoldg I havent any thing of intest
to write I will close for this
tim let me hear from Ben son
and affen I Remain your Brother
B B Edmonston Tom B Edmonston
Direct your letters to Ashville
62 Regt for I dont know how
long we will Stay hear

August 15, 1864


62nd North Carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Haywood County, NC


25th North Carolina Infantry
Residence (County): 
Haywood County, NC

Transcription/Proofing Info

Andrea Cudworth
Transcription Date: 
October, 2011
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2011

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