Head quarters 35 Reg of NC Troops
Camp Branch Near Newberne N.C.
Dear Cousin
I seat my self this fine sabath
evening to drop you a few lines to let
know that my self and the rest of
the Boys is well an well satisfied and
hope when these few lines comes to hand
they will finde you in good health
cousin I am almost ashamed to write
as I have neglected writing to you
more so then ort to have don but I hope you
will excuse me this time for not
writing sooner and I will try to better
the next time as my chance has bin
very bad for writing and I thought I
would get home at chrismas and get
to see you but we failed comeing
and shortly after wards we had to
move and so you may know my chance
was bad
[page 2]
we are now stationed at Newbern
on the Banke of Nuce river where
it was sposed that the yankees would
try come up to the town of Newbern
we landed here this day three weeks
a go and pitched our tents and we
have bin looking for a fight ever
since but it has not come to pass yet
and they is not much talk of it at this
time the report is that the storm has
blowed them back and droned a
g[r]eat many of them it said they was
between 4 or 5 thousand men drowned
and about 90 horse and a great
eal of provision lost the whole loss is
said to be about 15 thousand
dollars and so I think they had
better give it up or if they dont
some of them will get hurt
they is dout a bout that for
we have got some cannons
[page 3]
caled 64 pounders that if
they ever come up this river
i think we will leave some of them
[on?] [1] the Bottom of the nuse river
Dear cousin we are getting a long
as well as soldier can in camp
life we have not sufferd any yet
and if we stay here I dont think they
will be any danger of our suffeing
and I think we will stay here
until we leave to come home
or at least general Branch says
so I think we will stay here
this winter any how, as for
comeing it is uncutin [2] when we
will get to come for they canot
but one go at a time and we
dont think it would be much
satesfaction for one to come at a
time and only stay 8 or 10 days
so I cant say when one of us will try it
[page 4]
But I can tell you cousing
it would be great satisfaction to
me if I could be in old
catawba and pass a few [???] [3]
all that hurts us is leaveing the
fair sects that is the girls that
we left in old catawba as for
being at home I do not care
if that was all that pestered
me I dont think I would
come home until my time is
out but ther is something
els that draws my attention
mor then home so if I get
a good chance I try and come to
all bfor my 12 month is out
so I will close by saying
to you write soon and by
so doing you oblige your
cousin P. S. Whitener

the way to direct yo
if you was to write is
Newbern Nc 35 Reg
of Nc troop in car of capt Johnso

  1. page torn in left margin
  2. uncuten = uncertain
  3. page torn in right margin
February 2, 1862


Co. K, 35th North Carolina Infantry


Residence (County): 
Catawba County, NC


From State: 
North Carolina
From Municipality: 
From County: 


To State: 
North Carolina
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
February, 2011
Proof Date: 

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