Dear Friend Hattie

as I have been
writing I will write you a fiew
lines but I dont expect you are
half so glad to get a letter as
I am but I shal bother you
a little so as to get an answer
you wanted to know how I
spent thanksgiving: well we
had quite a good dinner did not
have to drill any them that
had Militery coats went to
meeting as I had none I had
to stay at home. the Ladies
sent us down 5 pies for each
tent wanted to be up to
Sodom but could not . you say
[page 2]
say you wer all down to our
house in the Eve how I should
liked to have been there to
go on a mission for you know
I like that business I suppose
you think there is one in
particular that I should like
to see but I dont know of
any one that I want to see
more than Hattie Walker you
neadent think that I am
trying to bluff you I dont
believe you can guess what Frank [1]
True is doing he went out
with a little girl that that just
come to our tent and wanted
a Envelope said she was
going to write to some body
he couldent find out who she
was going to write to you wrote that it
made you feel sader becaus I
was not there but guess it
was because the Dr. and Frank was
[page 3]
not there I used to think that
my room was better than
my company. you wanted to
know how we like Mr Holt
we like him firstrate you
better believe I will tell you
some of his good qualities.
before he went home the rest
of us had some cakes and pies
and one thing and another he
would say pass them round
to all hands for I am going home
and am going to bring down
a trunk full well he went
home good got his trunk full
when he got back how the
cakes flew well I guess we all
got as much as one round cake
that night or the next
morning since that he has
waited untill we have all
got our dinner or supper or
what ever it was then he
[page 4]
comes in and goes to his trunk
and eats all he wants if
he thinks he cannot eat all
of his pie he will bee so
kind as to give some of us
the crust.
we have just been to dinner George
and Jimy had a box of vitals
Holt made out to come as soon
as the rest of us so he could
get his part of the things he
made out to pass a little stuffing
that he had left of a chicking that
he brought down here but I didnt
know but what he was robing him
self and therefore did not take
any he had a large plum pudding
that he has been telling about
passing round but I looked into
his trunk yesterday when he was eating
and it was pretty well demolished
I guess when he passes it round
there will not be much but
the dish to pass. he is sure to get
his part of the things that the
others have sent to them I cannot
think of any thing more to write
good day from your friend and
well wisher Alvin

  1. Pvt. Frank W. True of Co. F, 1st Maine Cav.
November 28, 1861


Co. F, 1st Maine Cavalry
Residence (County): 
Cumberland County, ME



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Heather Messic
Transcription Date: 
November, 2013
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2013

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