Arlington Va Dec 21/62

Friend Hattie
I will try and write a few
lines to the old Maid once
more being she took notice
enough of me to write me
well I suspose that I have lost
Lide for good I might as well
give up all hopes of her now if
I never had before but just
think of it Hat how bad
a fellow must feel to se
such a prize borne off by a
rival and to know that he
has lost so much labor
just think of it Hat
[page 2]
so many nights sleep last
to saying nothing about the
castels that have fallen to the
earth and trampled under
fast by Our Gov Oh Horrors
Hat and the great loss of appetite
and of course my flesh went
the same way please now
friend Hattie put away your
woerk and pitty me some cold
stormy day but there it wont
do any good she is lost forever
yes lost forever
and what is to become of
I if I onley had a thousand
dollars I might possibally
find some one of High
Family that would take
pitty on me but Swicher
can feed his Horse out of
my Mow now just as
often as he likes. well
enough of this but it is
[page 3]
too bad now aint it
Hat but it cant be helped
I have one thing to comfort
me Syrus Royal has one
darter left and you know
I shall be used to setting
up when I get home last
night and night before
I san up with a Spring
and for fear some body
might harm it I took
my Musket and every once
in a while went round it
on the double quick [I?] some
Gal would fell pretty
big if they could have one of
Caseys Pets look out so
well for them well I guess
I have written nonsence enough
for this time. we are still here
on Arlington Hights yet
furnishing Guard for the
Comisary at Ft Runyun
[page 4]
and the long Bridge and
I guess we shall stay here
a while prehapps untill
our time is out we have
got Barracks three to a
for the Privates and a cook
house and the Officers quarters
first comes the Privates and
then the cook houses and then
the Officers all on a line
then there is the Cols and
Chaplins Um and a number
of others so we have quite
a Village. well give my Resp-
ects to the Bride and all the
rest of the girls and write
me when you can and
be a good Girl and not
get discouraged if you are
an old Maid
Good Night
I remain your Friend. O W B

December 21, 1862


Co. G, 25th Maine Infantry
Residence (County): 
Cumberland County, ME



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Transcription/Proofing Info

Heather Messic
Transcription Date: 
November, 2013
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2013

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