Temple May 8th //63
My esteemed friend
I suppose you
begin to think by this time that
I have forgotten you, and your last
letter, but I dont think any such
thing, I should have writen before
had I not been prevented by sickness
Augustin has a slow fever, it has
been three weeks since he gave up
work, he was very sick four days
The Doctor thought it would be
impossible to prevent Typhoid fever
he is not able to go out of his room
yet, if nothing new takes place we
hope he will get about soon,
I received a letter from Freland
about four weeks ago. Father got one
from him last week. he said his
health was good, that they were
[page 2]
going to march early the
next morning, His letter was
writen the 17th of April,
If we can credit the papers
they are engaged in a terrible
battle, the news seems to be
suppressed, and we dont know
much about it yet, We are all
very anxious about Freland for
we know that he is in great
danger, but hope his life
will be spared, O Isabella, I
should feel so bad to hear that
any thing has befallen him
he has been with us so much
he seems like one of the family
but let us hope for the best,
You said in your last that you
supposed Mr. Wilder was hopping
mad now. I suppose he is, and
without a reason too, why could
he not have given up the Mill
[page 3]
when his year was out, instead
of making so much trouble.
I should like to tell you more
about it, but have not time now,
I looked for you over here two
or three weeks after you wrote
but did not see you, hope I
shall see you here this summer
My health is not very good
hope these few imperfect lines
will find you enjoying good
health and every other blessing
Give my repects to your
Father and Mother with a
good share to youself
Please write soon and
accept this from your friend

May 8, 1863


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Oxford County, ME


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Allyson Page Dale
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April, 2015
M. Ellis
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April, 2016

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