Temple Aprl 2nd//65
Remembered Friend,
I now seat
myself for the purpose of writing a few
lines in return for your too long unanswered
letter, I have waited week after week hoping
to hear something more from your dear brother
but we can get nothing definite since the first
of last october, he was then in the hospital
at Savannah, Ga very sick, it has since been
reported that he is dead but the report
can be traced to no reliable sources,
God grant it may not be true. Em and Kate
think he is alive, and I think it is not
impossible but that he maybe but taking
all things into consideration there is but
little reason to hope that he is still
alive. If he is gone, we have one consolation
and that is that he has left a world of
suffering and sorrow, has gone where wars
and fighting shall trouble him no more
[page 2]
where all is peace and happiness which
he so much loved while here, Life is
short at best, and let us hope to meet him
at last in those bright regions where sin and
sorrow come no more, where there will be no
more parting, no more tears for ever, There
is many things I should like to write about
Freland, but time and space will not allow,
perhaps I shall see you sometime then we
will have a long talk, I saw both of your
sisters last week, have not seen them before
since last fall, they and their families are well
I hear that your Mother is in town, hope I
shall see her before she goes home. Emelines
family of Buzzels have left and I guess
she was glad to see their backsides, she said
if they had stayed one week longer, she
should have been down sick, They went
from Wilder to Daniel, stayed there only
about two weeks, The stole considerable many
things at Wilders and Kate saw some of them
while he was gone after a sherif to search
for them, but they were burned before he
[page 3]
got back, I believe however that he
thinks he can prove enough to put
them in jail where they ought to have
been long a go, I have not heard as they
stole any thing while they were at Daniels
but I presume they would if they had any
chance, Em and Kate are weaving palmleaf
they have each of them a shaker loom,
there is about fifty in town, and some
make a dollar a day on them, if I did
not have so much to do I should get
one, think I should like the work very
much, it is very lonesome here the snow
is almost gone and the roads are very muddy
it is almost impossible to get out any
where, My health is about as usual, and
I hope this will find you well and happy
Please write soon as convenient, and accept
this short imperfect epistle from your
ever true friend, SH Mitchell

To, Isabella, S, Holman,

April 2, 1865


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Oxford County, ME


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Allyson Page Dale
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April, 2015
M. Ellis
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April, 2016

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