[1] Oct 30st 1862
Dear Sister 3
I take my pen in
hand this beautiful morning
to let you know how I am
getting along I am quite
smart and hope you and the
rest of the folks ar the same
I am 25 milds west of Washington
and 5 milds east of sinicky [2]
we live in the woods it is a small
pine grove it is a pratty place
we are in the state of maryland
in mountgomery county doing
picket duty guarding the potomac
river we left Washington last satur
day and we got here Sunday after
noon it raind some that day
and night it is cold here
nights the ground freeses some
here nights but days it is quite warm
[page 2]
has the ground frose any in
maine how do you git a long
with the work is the corn huskt
and the potatos dug have the
folks plowed any yet how mutch
corn and potatoes did we have
is mother smart do you know
weather guss Parker will stay to
our house this winter or not has
Alva gon down to J Bowis to work
or not how does the folks al do I
wrote mother and Sady and Green
sence I left Portland I wrote
aunt hannah yesterday have
they got the letters or not I dont
know as you like it because I
have not wrote to you before but
I want to write to first one and
then a nother so that you can
her from me right a long and
you and the rest of the folks
must not wate for me to write
to them or you every time but I think
[page 3]
you had ought [3]
right a ong and
or I can for I have
to write to I shall
a week to some of yo
you get all of my
hear from me quite
done expect you will
last night was class
I was not with you to
by an eye of faith I
all seated there I could
and then another rise
Jesus by faith I could
God and the Lamb my
within me I started
bu the side of the fores
out my sole to God n
I felt wile there all
of milds from home
my knees in a strang
friends that ar dearer
own life I felt there
[page 4] [4]
the throne of God to
lt that your prayrs
to Heaven for me
to rejoice in the Lord
four times during the
d prayd and I felt
I believe that our prayrs
into the throne of Heaven
ll answer here just as
h I was there with you
help weeping this morning
before the sun was up
ne and prayd again
that the same spiret
and I will pray as long
s be a good girl and pray
ristian and pray for me
er meet again on earth
in haven ware parting
but I beleave I shall
us [Washington DC 23 Ma
Care of Capt AP Lamb] [5]
send me a fiew 3
stamps that ar clean
work to git one hear the
President says we shall be
home in 90 days so I heard
[6] be a good girl rier
and give my love
to all enquiring
friends and save
a good potion for
you self tell
mother to take
care of her self
you write as
soon as you
Git this be sure
Good by
dear sis
I will write
as soon
as I can
from your
ate brother
G C Libby
H M Libby

  1. The entire letter appear to be in the handwriting of Elisha Turner. Gersham C. Libby was from Cumberland County, Maine and served as a private in Co. G, 23rd Maine Infantry
  2. sinicky = Senaca, MD
  3. Right half of the page is missing
  4. Left half of the page is missing
  5. Capt. Alonzo P. Lamb of Co. G, 23rd Maine Inf.
  6. Continueation of page 4, written in top margin of page 1
October 30, 1862


Co. G, 23rd Maine Infantry
Residence (County): 
Cumberland County, ME


Name Variant: 
"Dear Sister"


From State: 
From Note: 
25 miles west of Washington and 5 miles from Senaca, MD

Transcription/Proofing Info

Heather Messick
Transcription Date: 
October, 2013
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2012

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