Seneca, Montgomery. Co. Md.
Jan 1the 1863
Dear Sister
I wish you a hapy New
year and may God grant it.
with pleasure I seat my self
this beautiful morning and
at the commencement of a new
year to write you a few lines
having not heard from you
for some time I have not heard
from home sence Lavina wrote
to Calvin and me we have not
got this weeks mail yet I am
well and hope this will find you
and the rest of the folks the same
my watch meeting last night
was diferant from yours and what
mine was ever before. while you
might be enjoying a good
meeting or some other blessed
priviledg watching tho old year out
I dont mean a frolic [1]
[page 2]
and the new one in I spent mine
on picket watching for the rebbeles
O sis I tell you it made me think
of home did you have a watch meeting
or only a class meeting O that I cou
ld have been with you but I cou
ld not. but there by the dim moon
light and on the bank of the
Potomac I knelt down and there
before God alone I gave my heart
wholy to my Savior promising
him at the same time that I would
live a better life and by his assistance
would live more watchfull and
prayrfulle be more willing to
do my every duty in his fear.
O sister while I was there upon
my knees ofering up my feble prayr
in my weak way I did not for get
to ask God to bless you and take
care of you and my Dear mother
and the rest of my friends at
home. God will hear and answer
[page 3]
how do you get a long this
winter doo you have mutch cold
weather is there a great deel of snow
on the ground. we have had it
very warm as warm as it is in septem
ber in maine yesterday and night
before last it raind a very little
but it is very plesant to day but
some cooler we have not got any
snow on the ground here has
Alvra got his letter that I wrote
him the other day I have writen
to the whole of you but Lavina
sence and have not had an
answer yet but I am in hopes
to get some from you to day I shall
be greatly mistakend if I dont
how does our forder hold out shall
we have a nuff who have we got to
see to the barn and whood whare
do you get your wood this winter
does school keep who will keep it
how does the oxen and Colt look
[page 4]
Co. G. is the only company in
this place there ar 2 companyes
below us and 7 a above we have got
a very good place and good tents
with fire places in them we do not
have any Gard round us so we
can go out in the woods any way
I like it better than I did when
we was with the whole rigiment
dont know how long we may
stay here but think we may
stay a quite of a wile we ar
just a bove whare General
Bankses army was in camp last
winter we past the ground when
we came up here 4 months of my
time is almost gone if we live it
will all soon pass away then I can
return home whont it be plesant
to meet at home once more if we
all live we will have a good
time then write soon and send
me some stamps for I had to bory one
to day. be a good girl and pray for me
Give my best respects to all enquiring friends
from your true and only Brother G C Libby
[2] write soon give my love to all the folks and
tell them to write me and save a big portion for yourself
write and tell
mother to
Good by sis

  1. Last line added in pencil
  2. Continued in left margin of page 1
January 1, 1863


Co. G, 23rd Maine Infantry
Residence (County): 
Cumberland County, ME


Name Variant: 
"Dear Sister"


From State: 
From County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Heather Messick
Transcription Date: 
October, 2013
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2013

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