I wish you a happy new
Jan the 1 1863
Dear Mother I now seat
my self to answer your letter
that I received I was glad to
hear that you was all well
I am enjoying the same blessings
the boys are all well that you
no we are still in our same
winters quarters we have some
nise prayer meetings here
we have got a tent on purpose
for meetings it is 20 feet wide
and 30 feet long it will hold
a good many we have prayer
meeting evry night in it
Curtis is in the converlance
camp yet and so is Nat they
come over to see me 3 or 4 times
evry week they dont no how
long they will have to stay
thare they are 1 mile from [me?] [1]
[page 2]
it is very pleasant here now
it seems like spring almost
we haint seen but a little cold
wather but when thare is a change
it comes in good earnest I have
bin very lucky so far I haint
had to mend my clothes but
I see that thare is a little hole
in the seat of my pants I guess I
shall have to mend after I get
don writing I have atended the
meetings when I could and had
some very pleasent times it has
bin a very hard times for the
boys to get money here but I have
tried to look out for mine I have
got a nough for presant I have
mad a dollar or so a trading here
is a chance to look out for the
coppers I have taken up barber
business I shave the sargents
and corprels and all the rest when
I can I wish that I had my razor
[page 3]
out here and I would make my
fortume O we was called out last
night about 11 O clock on a curmish
we went a mile or 2 but to
find out about it it was the
Col doin it just to try us
to see our courage but the old
fellow found us right on hand
he said that old stone wall
was in 20 miles of us but that
did not care us the reg was a
sleep but in five minutes
they was in a line with their
aquipments on I was the third
man in the Co and after he [rosed?]
us a our or 2 he let us turn in
saying that we don very well
but when we turned out we
did not no whare we was a
goin any more than a man
Otis but I put my trust in
my saveyor and I feal to do what
is write if I can and I hope
[page 4]
that I shall live so that
it will be well pleasing in
the site of God we have just
began a new year and I hope
that we shall all try to do
better and live better than
we have don I hope that
you will all pray for me
and that I may be spared
to meet all my friends
on earth again I cant think
of much more to write
so good by from your son
Elisha Turner write soon
and let me no all the news
thare is in Otisfield
give my love to all that
take the paines to enquire
after me I should like to
see you all but I want to
stay my time out and
come home man fashion
if it is Gods will so to do

  1. Corner of page folded over
January 1, 1863


Co. C, 25th Maine Infantry
Residence (County): 
Cumberland County, ME


Residence (County): 
Cumberland County, ME


To State: 
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Heather Messick
Transcription Date: 
October, 2013
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2013

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