Jan 24 1863
Arlington heights
Dear Father I thought I
would write a few lines to
you to let you no that I
am well and tough and I
hope that these few lines
will find you the same
it is very plasant here
now we have had the best
of weather most of the time
it is warm enough to work
in shirt sleaves we are at
work on a new fort that
they are a building right
close to our camp ground
our reg is a bulding it
we have bin to work on it
4 days and I guess that we
I shall have a chance to
work some time longer
I wish that you could see
[page 2]
what a pile of dirt we have
throde up I guess that the
back side of the fort is 20
feet high thare is 75
forts around Washington
and if we build this one
we shall stay here some
time and I hope we shall
for I like first rate here
and half of our time is
gon and thare haint no
sines of our being paid
off but I dont care if I
can get it when my time
is out Curtis is down to the
same place whare he has bin
but Nat and George Gage has
go to their reg tell John Chute
that Curt go his moeny he
sent to him the boys are all
well that you no and look
fat as cubs I want you to
write and let me no what
[page 3]
is a goin on David Lowell
said some thing to me the other
night about bying that lot
of land thare whare same spurs
used to live he askes 350 dollars
and if you want to buy it think
it over and write to me and
let me no what you think about
it he said that Mr Winslow had
wrote to him to no what he asked
for it and if you think it is
a good trade by it or not Just
as you think best if I live to get
home I will help pay for it or if
you think that we had better
wait till he gets home Just say
so I dont think thare is any
danger of his selling it I told
him that I would write to you
but I want you to do as you think
best and write and let me no
but I dont no bewhat it would
be best to let it go till he
[page 4]
comes home but go and look
it over and make your mind
up what it is worth he is
such a slipery fellow I dont
no how to take him the boys
dont like him very well for
a cook but he and I get a long
first rate. but thare haint
no sines of the ware is being
setled up I hope that it will
for this ware is a dreadfull
thing but we must look
to the worst and hope for the
best we have good meetings
here and are very well looked
out for this is all the news
I can think of write soon
and all the news so good
by from your son
Elisha Turner

January 24, 1863


Co. C, 25th Maine Infantry
Residence (County): 
Cumberland County, ME


Residence (County): 
Cumberland County, ME


From Note: 
Arlington Heights


To State: 
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Heather Messick
Transcription Date: 
October, 2013
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2013

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