Chantilly Va Apr. 12
Dear Father
I take my pen in hand
to write a few lines to you
to let you no that I am wel
I got over the mumps first
rate I thought that I would
write a few lines this eve
to let you no that we are
a goin to move again tomorrow
morning the whole of Caseays
armey is a goin to move we
dont no whare we are a goin
but we expect to go to the
front but we may be orderd
to go some whare else I
expt to see some hard times
and I shouldent wonder bewhat [1]
we should smell gun powder
but if I do I shall stand my
hand my courage is good and
I want to do what is right
[page 2]
you must not worrey about
me for it wont do any good
that you no I shall try to do
as well as I can and take as
good care of my self as I can
I went owt into the woods
to day and 2 more with me
and we got into a batle with
a black snake and the old fellow
took after us and the others
run but I got a club and
stood my ground and met him
half way and he tried to get
hold of me but I cracked him
over the head and laid him
out and then he got [mutend?]
very quick he was a mid
sise one that is the first
batle I have bin in out here
and I hope it is the last
one the boys are all well and
tough some of them has had
[page 3]
the disentary it is quite
warm here now sinse the
last bach of snow left it
seems like the midle of May
here the birds are a singing
all around us but I cant say
that things looks gay for
they dont the road is lined
with old dead horses and
thare is a aufull site of catle
killed here the soldiers kill
a good many all round through
this part of the country I wish
that you could just come out here
and stay a litle while and see
the country most evry thing is
stove to peaces I was over to
the batle field to day and that
place will make a fellow look
over his doings thare is men
laying some coverd up and
some half coverd and some
[page 4]
haint coverd at all and the
fowls has picked the flesh all
of[f] whare they could get at it
and horses laying all around
some with sadles on them
just as they fell it is tough
but we have got to stand
our hands but I haint sorry
yet that I came I am bound to
push through if my life is
spared and health I put my trust
in my saveyour and I think it will
all be well if I got to him in faith
and I try to now dont be a woreing
about me all the time for we may
no haft to do any thing but guard
duty I will write when we get
setled down and I want you to
write when you can I must draw
to a close so good luck to you
and tell the rest the same
from your son E Turner

  1. Bewhat = but what
April 12, 1863


Co. C, 25th Maine Infantry
Residence (County): 
Cumberland County, ME


Residence (County): 
Cumberland County, ME


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