[1] April the 1863
Dear Mother I thought
that I would write a few lines
to you to let you no that I am
well I have had the mumps
but got over them I hope
we have moved from old
Arlington heights and we
are down most to old bullrun
battle field we are a mile or 2
below the Chantila battle field
thare was a lot of our Co went
over to the field and it was a
rather tuff looking site thare
was any quanty of dead bodies
that was just coverd over and
some that want [2] coverd any sone
of our boys found guns and
pistles and some other things
thare was any quanty of canon
[page 2]
balls laying all round thare
our pickets fetch in a rebel
most evry day thare is a few
around us part of our company
has got to go on picket to night
our boys went out when they
first came here and shot a pig
and a cow and they would have
killed some more if the old
quater [3] had not come a long he staid
behind 3 or 4 days and the boys liked
to starved to death we left the
baracks the 24 of March and the
first day we marched about 15 or 16
miles and pitched tents about a
mile from fairfax courthouse
and the next day we came through
and pitched tents here we are in
little shelter tents that we cary
with us dont you had better
belive that the boys was all jag
out and not half a enough to eat
[page 3]
when the rigt got here they had a
little coffee and a hard breads and
the next day a little coffee and a
small slise of pork I guess I wont
wright all the news this time but
I hope that I shall have good health
and I can go it I have bin used
to short living by spells for the
last 7 months but I have got
ganted up so that I can go it very
well I hold my own a great deal
better than I thought I should I
weigh as much as comon I got very
lousey before we left the old
baracks and I want the onley one
they all got them on them and we
had sport enough a kill them some
of them was as big as a small curnel
of wheat O I had a letter from aunt
Eunice and whare do you dyrect
to have one go to them she did not
tell me whare O has Emma got
[page 4]
that box that I sent to her
if you have got it let me no
we have had quite a time a having
the mumps in our Co the boys
that came from Otisfield is well
onley they are a little mumpy
thare haint much news here I haint
seen any fighting yet and I dont feel
very rarin to get into any the boys
are very well contented down in dixey
things are higher here than they
was whare we left I wish that I had
a few of our aples I haint seen
any that is as good as the main aples
I have hurd father tell how hard
he has faired but I guess I have
seen about as hard. I will tell the
rest when I get home I must close
so give my love to all and a share
for your self I hope we all shall
meet once more on earth but if
we dont I hope we shall in the promest
land above from your son E Turner
[4] dyrect your letters the
same as you have Washington

  1. This letter was probably written at the same time as the previous letter, dated April 12, 1862.
  2. want = weren’t
  3. quater = squater?
  4. Added at top of page 1
May 12, 1863
Date Note: 
Most likely April 12, 1863


Co. C, 25th Maine Infantry
Residence (County): 
Cumberland County, ME


Residence (County): 
Cumberland County, ME


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Heather Messick
Transcription Date: 
October, 2013
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2013

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