Fort Wagner , Dc Aug 26 62
Dear friends, having arived safely
at the District of Combila And having
a little Leasure I seat myself to
write you a few lines there is nothing
of importance, At Phila the citizens
gave us a fine reception. we was
marched to a long train of wash
boles and receavd a good wash
when went to a large dining hall
were we partook of a good colation
from the hands of good women
the same as is given to evry Rega
that pases through this place
This institution is got up
by private enterprise and
is conducted in a stile
worthy if a christan people
If the quakers do not fight
they render material aid to those that do
[page 2]
and give them their blesing
and encouragment Over the
door where we entered the saloon
was painted the following
welcome, inscription
You came at your countrys
call The younion to save
or with it to fall, The
citersens of Philedelfia invite
to their hospitalita & wish
you god speed on your march
to you the union army at
the capital, Be brave your
deeds for liberty will never
die You will print your names
in gold and enshrine your
memory glory in our hearts
you have the prayers of all honest hearts loyal
hearts for your success
in arms and a safe return to your friends
[page 3]
crowned with honest glory,
A fine soldier will live in the
history of the country he is
now defending against the
mercenary works of traytors
and Rebels His name
will be in scribed on her
long roll patryots and pass
down to the history of all
future time.) Dedicated to the
[H?] U.S. Wol By James H Byson
after partaking of our colation
we formed into line and march
ed through the city to the Depot
and on our way it seemed
as if the whole people turned
out to shake our hands
and bid us good by or god
bless you such generosity and
Benlovelent feeling the 17th
will never forget
[page 4]
We are now guarding fort
Baker and consist of a line
of 10 smal forts ours is ft”
Wagner. I am now acting as
ordinace sargent assistant
keeping the guns cleaned
wich are 4 in number have
charge of the Magezine deal
out the cartages and see there
is nothing lost it makes sone
care but I have a fine cool
place and have plenty
of time to read or write
and not troubled with
nois as no one is alowed
in but the ofisers
but I shal loose this chance
in a few days as we go
into another fort where
there is another company
Direct your leters to Washington
DC. Co [14?] 17 Me Reg vol, M.P. Larry

August 26, 1862


Co. H, 17th Maine Infantry
Residence (County): 
Cumberland County, ME


Name Variant: 
Dear friends


From State: 
District Of Columbia
From Note: 
Fort Wagner


To State: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Kelly Baker
Transcription Date: 
April, 2015
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
May, 2016
Maine Historical Society: 763

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