Camp near Fredricksburg Dec 9 62
Dear Sister yours of the 27 came to hand
t day and was glad enough to hear from
home I think you must have litle of
the mutual admyration at that
thanksgiving diner any rate there
must ben quite a spread over that
ring, I do not know but I may
make the atempt to make another
effort that one was received
so favourably, I do not wish to
ridicule but I think your Idea
of that dream of green paint
that left such an impression
was something like mrs partington
about the murcry in the thermometer
makeing it cold when it fel
did not the bad tast produse
the dream? you speaking about
thanksgiving and wishing
that I might be there put
me in mind of how I spent
my thanks giving
[page 2]
I was detailed to gow down
to Aqui creek to help load
some teams we load with
bread coffee sugar and beans
also 2 bl of Wiskee we started
for camp the day that you
engoyed thanksgiving I did
not know what day it was
for I take no note of times
since I have ben in this show
but when we halted for the night
I heard some grumble about the
poor fare for thanksgiving
when the Comesary went and
taped the wisky and
treated all that wished
I and another felow went of
and got a lot of dry rails
and built a big fire cooked
our coffee eat our hard bread
and rolled our selves in
our blankets and lay down
to sleep I slept much beter
[page 3]
than you would think tis true
we got up a few times to repair
our fire for the night was quite
cold but we took no cold
but those that drank their
wiskey all had a cold and
all laid it to the cursed
wiskey they drank the night
before they where more honest
than most topers, We came in
safe but Our comesary took
no pork the Genral wished
to know the reson he said
he could not haul it as the
rods where bad (bad roads another
excuse for evry thing) then he
wished to know what he had
in those barells of wiskey?
say the Comesary, them the
Genral took an axe stove in
the heads and sayed in bad
travling he perferd pork
to wisky
[page 4]
do not wast simpathy over
me I am ruged and tough and
I guess as full as sasy as is
for my own benifet, but the
weather is cold such weather
as would make good scating
at home and deaths are not
unfrequent one man died
last week the day he was burid
there was a package arived for him
containg a thanksgiving
diner, But he was we hope marching
along those streets that are paved
with gold or feasting with angels
they say we move soon but wher
we can not tell what this delay
means I can not tell when
we was on our march the
booming of canon was constant
heard and whe where expecting
to go into batle evry day but
now there is no enemy on this
side of the raphanock and all
is quiert as little falls this may
mean pease or it may be the last before the
storm M.P. Larry

December 9, 1862


Co. H, 17th Maine Infantry
Residence (County): 
Cumberland County, ME


Residence (County): 
Cumberland County, ME


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Kelly Baker
Transcription Date: 
April, 2015
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
May, 2016

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