Canp Picher Near Leesburg Dec 23rd 62
Dear Sister and friends I now set my self
to write you a few lines, I have nothing cheerfull
to write all though I am wel and able to
do duty I am in a very unhapy state of mind
That delusive fantom of hope that has so
long burnt dim has at last vanished and
there is nothing to be seen in the distance
but darkness and gloom. The great
cause of liberty has ben managed
by Knaves and fools the whole show
has ben coruption the result disaster
shame and disgrace. Do you recolect
of Jean Nicot and the party he represented
how they used the word liberty for
their own agrandisement how evry one
was used that did not conform to evry thing
that would rise them above the level of
mankind, It has ben to much so
here where it will end God only Knows
[page 2]
[in left margin]
I shall write to Daniel soon

Tis disgrase now and none but an almighty
power can save the whole country from ruin
None can ever make me believe but this rebelion
could have ben crushed with out any over
exertion, if there had not so many wanted
the honer or what would sprung from the hon[?]
of doeing it there being so many that thaught
that the tide was at flood that was to
cary them up to the temple of fame
the bark being ready rushed aboard and
in the quarel to see who should take the
helm have swamped and now are
drifting among rocks and brakers
that are shortly to send the whole to
distruction You will see by the papers
how long we wated here before atacting
long enough to give the rebels ample time
to concentrate and fortyfy a position that
was strong enough by nature to resist five
to one and we are told that our delay
was owing to some one not sending the
pontoon bridges Think of it ten thousand lives
and a batle lost because one man neglected to simply
do his duty
[page 3]
You will doubtles read that the troops are in
good spirits and eager for another fight
we belong to a division that has always known defeat
and a more disheartened set of men I never
saw and those that come throw patriotic
motives are the worst so. and there is but
one opinion here as regards the management
Six months from now will bring great
changes and I hope the people will survive
those changes though the government perish
This is rather a blue leter but I may be
mistakened I hop I am there is none that
is more ready to take the chances of
batle than myself to restore our government
I am always ready to undergo the privations
of a soldiers life if it is to do any good
but evrything looks dark, not becaus the south
are strong but becaus our leaders are incompite
and unprincipled the whole thing is roton to the cor
We can hear nothing from J.E. Haskell that w[as?]
wounded in our Co. I fear he is dead he was a
fine felow and all mourn his unhapy fate
give my best respects to all your brother M.P. Larry

December 23, 1862


Co. H, 17th Maine Infantry
Residence (County): 
Cumberland County, ME


Residence (County): 
Cumberland County, ME


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Camp Pitcher


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Kelly Baker
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April, 2015
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
May, 2016

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