[1] I have not
been to the
left as far
as 7 pines
There the
rebels were
by [????]
men of good
that help
bring them
lay there
here 5 dead
of I am to
one Nev[er?]

Near Fair Oaks Va June 25th 1863
Dear Sister The last letter I wrote
Abbie Le was from this plase but I did
not know then that we were so near the right
of the battle field It is but a ¼ mile
on the left of us. I have been over it quite
thoroughly and will tell you something
about how it apears all the dead were
buried when we got here, the rebs in
long ditches but most of our men in graves
with head boards at the head and the names
of the soldier painted on it what regt
and where from some who had done
this last act of kindness for their friend
not having paint had burned the letters
into the board with a sun glass I
suppose you have heard of the peach
orchard were Ricketts battery was stati
oned- The limbs of the trees are brocken
and nearly all the leaves striped from
the remaining braches and the ground
[page 2]
a burial place for friend and foe
while looking among the diferent
mounds at the head of one was a board
quite tastefuly finished and on it the
name of Wm J. Larry of the
Mish 7th killed May 31
at the battle of Fair Oaks and in
the same grave a man who fell
by his side his name I have forgot
In another grave were 2 brothers one
19 and the other 18 years
It is not in my power with this pencil
to tell you of this bettle as it has been
tolde to me by those who have been in it
they thing you have seen in print
will give hardly a faint idea of it
in a tree at the edg of the woods
where the rebs charged 3 times on the
battery I counted 20 grape shot
at this place as many as 25 men
went down at the discharge of our cannon
A man in the Mass. 15th stationed
in the orchard toled me that when
[page 3]
they charged on them (the Rebs) they had
to run up piles of dead and
dying rebels- you would wonder to
see how unconcerned men fall into
line 3 or 4 times a day as the sound
of cannon comes from diferent points
along the line in front) and stand
ready to obey any order
I have been quite well lately- Mr Leavitt
has just got his papers I shall send
money by him Tell Abby she can expect
it by the stage driver and tell her
I have seen Dr. [Genis?] about Clinton
I should be glad for him to live if it could be but he
would be so sensitive to the Coarse hard nature
of the world he could take but little at most
He has been a patient suferer I have yet to
see the professed Christian but could learn a
lesson from him It may seen a little thing to
some but I should be glad to be at home to tend
him I want every look a look of kindness to him
all such things afect a child as much as the older
Some times I think more

  1. Written across top
  2. Unreadable pencil faded
  3. Page 4 soiled and faded
June 25, 1863


Co. H, 17th Maine Infantry
Residence (County): 
Cumberland County, ME


Residence (County): 
Cumberland County, ME


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Kelly Baker
Transcription Date: 
April, 2015
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
May, 2016

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