Brandy Station Va Dec 27 1863
Dear Sister Phebe yours informing
me that my box was ready to
start arived in due time and
when it arrives I will write and let
you know I hope that the spider
will not be two big the cheese
will be very aceptible but I
proberly Eat more chees here than
the whole of our family but it
takes the green backs as it is
forty cts per lb and some days
it costs me more to live than
I earn by soldiering in two, The
apples are more dificult to get
and so is fish I sent for the box
more for the paile and spider
than any thing elce It may never git
here and it may be six months
before it arives and it may be
along in one week one box came
the other day for one of our company
that was killed at getisburg
most of the things where spoiled
there was some tobaco that was
sold and the money returned to his friends
[page 2]
I am glad to hear that John has
so good a chance his even disposition
and coolnes well fits him
for the position that he ocupies
and with his skill as a [paultran?]
give him a great advantage
and his chances for promotion
are good and as long as he is
doing garison duty he will see
no hard times compared with
that he would see if he was
connected with a flying army
in the field I wrote to you a
short time ago and sent your
boy will a ring also wrote him
a few lines wich I trust you
have received before this I have
not sent Mother any mony
since I sent the 20$ wich I have
not heard from and supose that
it is lost. I am not making
much now as we have had
to fit up our camp and
be on guard about evry other day
[page 3]
There is a fair prospect of our
stoping here a spell and watch
the Gurelars that make raids on
our trains It is a big thing
too keep a rail road guarded
and bring up suplise and
then keep a whole army here
to protect what is braught
up I do not know but we
are here for some other purpose
history informs us that we were
raised to crush the rebelion
and that may be what we
are doing but I cant see it
in that ilumeanation I intend
to enjoy my self as well as the
law will allow this winter
and as for fighting they need
not advance on my acount
I wish for you to send me that
caryers address that you spoke of
I hope James and his family
are all well and hope he may
be so fortunate as to keep out of the
[page 4]
I shall write to mother sun
and also to James. They say that
old grant is to be our next
president you know that
he was my favourite Genral
that I kept on the fire shelf
Old Hoker was the best man
that handled this army and
the most abused I hear that
most people Believe that we
lost the day at chancelerville
on the acount of his being Drunk
I saw him evry day and he
was in the thickist of the
fight and ralying troops that
their comander where two cowerdly
to lead and I think and
know tha this head was level
at any rate If it had not
ben for him our army would
all ben drove in to the raperhanoc
pell mell He may be here again
if so there will be a few hats
go into thee air M.P. Larry

December 27, 1863


Co. H, 17th Maine Infantry
Residence (County): 
Cumberland County, ME


Residence (County): 
Cumberland County, ME


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Kelly Baker
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April, 2015
M. Ellis
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May, 2016

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