Camp Near Brandy Station Va Jan 11 64
Dear Sister Phebe Yours of the 7th
came to hand last night and now I shal
to first opitunity to write you a few
lines to let you know that I am well
and that I am engoying my self as
well and perhaps beter than most
people, I also received a leter conting
the adress 3 days ago, I the adress was
very fine expesily the first and last
verses in the first colum I see her now
Bright flowers adorn her cheerful Brow
And leaning on the new year right
With songs skillfull new ears atest
I know that my opinion is good
for nothing in regard to the merits
of poetry, but the lines that I have
quoted here strike my fancy and
to my mind they look just right
Now if anyone asks me about
above ring why I can tell him
all about it and tell him
where it is mechanised and
where it is not
[page 2]
When I read it I did not notise that
part of it was borrowed but I
felt the diference and supposed
it to be some freak or other
a person may make a peas of work
and if an othe rhelps to do some
parts of it those that are familiar
with his still will quickly perseave
the diferance no mater how nice
he tryes to Imitate You say that
if you had ben posted on our
late viewryes you could have done
better I thaught myself that this
was the point that was left out
I wrote to father that I should
want the present market
price for those springs and
axels that I had of smith
or if he can pay me in gold he
can have them at the price
that I paid him with interest
adid I cant se that gold is
worth more but greenBacks les
If he wants them he can give other the money
[page 3]
money when he takes them
You wrote that the Baptist
meeting house had ben burned by
Joe Bavige Now I think the
fact is this that Where there
has ben so much hell fire and
Brimstone It went up by spont
spontainious combustion
I think that James will meet
with disapoint in his present
undertaking and his hopes
will Be Blasted he has jumped
out of the fring pan into the fire
I regret that he has gorn Daniel
can get through this world By
philosiphy and John on his
dignity and as for my self
I can “go in on my mussle”
But I think this show was not
made for James to travel with
The ring I send to James and
it is not a very perfect thing
but I think there is a carles
look about it that [???]
[page 4]
I want to make Charly and Will
something But am a los what
to make, We have had to move
our camp about two miles
by Comand of Hon. John Minor
Bo[ts?] You see by this that we have
got an other comander one
what can move the army of
the Potomac It has
caused us some trouble but
wood is handyer and we have
not quite so far to go on
picket We have Just got fired
up in shape again and living
comfortably I think if
you should see me now that
you would think I did not
wory much you proberly never saw
me when I was so fleshy
I certanly wish Mother to take
what money she wishes for
her benefit and not think that It is hard for me to
get so small an amount
I wrote you along letter
a few day ago and if that
woman wants to know any more
of my heart secets write M.P.L.

January 11, 1864


Co. H, 17th Maine Infantry
Residence (County): 
Cumberland County, ME


Residence (County): 
Cumberland County, ME


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April, 2015
M. Ellis
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May, 2016

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