Milton July the 16 1865

Deere Brother I now wright
to you a few Lines to Let you
now that I am In the Land
of the Living wishing you
all the Same Blessing I Recv
ed your Leeter and am glad
to heear from you, But I am
very Sorey for your Looss
I Pitty you from the Bottom
of my hart , you must feele
LoneSome and lost now But
kind Providence may Bless you
my Son John C has goot mome [1]
from the armey 12 July hee
Listed for 3 years In the 38
mass Rigment under Banks
hee was Shood twice at port
hutson and his Rite hand men
Shot down Deed
[page 2]
I have [??] hard for 3 years
Past with [an?] Lame hand
and [??] very [???] [????]
a Day and [???] 75 Cents a Day
I am Coming up to vermont
In Sep to See you all
at [??] at [tanton?] [Sister?]
[??] [?]eed and She Lives with
B[?] Jennes Jody Lives with Sister
Eddy Shee has Bilt a New house
Brother Cambell will you pleese
to Put your Eye on 2 or 3
New milk Cowse with Calves [By?]
M[??] Sidn[ey?] for mee) and Some
Butter and Cheese for mee when I com

Price of Produce
[???] New Po[t]atoes 2 D[ollars] a B[ushel]
Peese 5 a Busell
Straberys 30 Cent a Box
whortleberys 30 Cent a Box
Curents 3 Cents a Pound
flower 12 Dollars a Barell
[page 3]
Butter 25 a Pound
Cheese 20 a Pound
Wite Beenes 5 Cents a quart
it Diner time Now
and I must Close Now
your truley
nathan Crossman

[page 4]
give my Love to Brother
Benjaman Crossman
tell him to gitt them [??]
Bens Redy for mee In
September teen Bushells
and the money is Redy
an Some Jackson White

Pleese wright mee
a Leeter as Soon as you
gitt thes Letter
all wall

  1. mome = home
July 16, 1865


Residence (County): 
Norfolk County, MA


Residence (County): 
Windham County, VT


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