[1] eckuse my pore writing and speling thay talk and gogle it is 8

longiliand camp 17th it is [1862] Decemb 7 my dear sister i will try and write afew lines to let you now how i git a long here in our litle cowyard i never ingoyed my self so Well in my life as i hav sence i left boxford who wont be asolger and sleap in a horse barn and help clean out the cooks when thay hav cat tird hash We found our dog in the sup we lost him the day before his coler was found his tail his tonails and won of his years tha say the other rigmints wod done the same before thay left if thay had [page 2] bin smart like maschucts boys thay crack us up in new york papers for doing this we now our wrights and we hav them but thay went to fus when thay cleand out the sutler but the ofers hadto take the blame it was in the papes that thay was of in the hot el ceeping warm and the sol gers was sufferig and the solgers wont donit if thay had bin doing thair duty i had just come of[f] gard so iwant [2] in the scrape i was a sleep and billy dint dast to look out dors it was so cold you now how he is wrld up in cold wether he is the same here [page 3] i injoy myself as wal as eny of my boyes i hav gut a bad Cold and cof but i gus it will work of if i am [caple?] it is lose i shant never want to se wun of these boys if i hant inles ted when thay come home and here them tel about the wor as long as i livd and i count say a word only hang my head but i ant shure of coming home but i put my trust in god that i may return to my darling wife safe and sound and to you awl and i think i shall i am a drifent boy then i eve thought i should be and i hope you will try and think what you was put [page 4] i was put here to fight for my cintry to kill a white man and save a niger or to fill a rich mens wolet i havent [hend?] yet the is a lot of real han sum nigrows here when we are out in the street on desprade thay stand our frunt lookin at us smokeing thay are rearl hansum gentel looking bucks thare lips stik out 4 inches and show thare white of ha[?] [?] i tel you thay look hansum thay are drest rearl neat [rugs?] hang like frings thare shoes are about 2 feit long who wo nt be a solger and fight for a damb old niger i should like to no so neat ant clean ha[?] [3] Giv my love to all and [??] this from a good [upside down at top of page 3] loving brother George V

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  2. iwant = I weren’t
  3. upside down at top of page 2
December 7, 1862


Co. G, 47th Massachusetts Infantry
Residence (County): 
Essex County, MA


From Note: 
"longiliand camp"

Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
January, 2010
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
January, 2010

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