Minors hill
Dec. 21 1862
I recieved a letter
from yoo the day before
yesterday and was glad to
hear from you we are at
the same old plase but
we dont expect to stay
here. we have to have our
knapsack packed all of
the time. and have to
sleep with them on and
all of our equipments
last night about 12
O, clock we was called
out and fomed a line
of battle on our parade
grounds and stood their
about 1 hour and then
we was dissmissed to
go to our quarters and
[page 2]
keep awake untill we
had further orders about
2 O, clock we had and
order that we could go
to sleep we but we had
to sleep with our on our
armes, night before last
we was out on pickit
and and about 12 o. clock
we had and order come
to go right straight to
camp and pack our
knapsack and to be rady
to march in a hour
we went in and just got
them packed in time to
go we went about 7 miles
in about 4 hour, but luckey
enough we did not have
a battle. if we had been
about 3 hours sooner we
should had a chanse
to see some rebels that
[page 3]
night the pickets brought
in 4 prisoners and they
said that we should have
some fighting to that day
but we did not see nor
here any thing of them
and that night about 9
O. clock we had and
order to come back to
camp and so we came
back and had to sleep
on our arms. to day we
have been Mustered for
pay for two months this
makes 4 months pay that
the goverment owes us we
dont know when we shall
get any of it but I hope
pretty soon. I have told
you all of the stiring
news of the canp for the
past weeks now there is
a report in camp that
[page 4]
we are a going to washington
to do provost duty and I
hope it is so then we shall
get rid of the marching
so much I have resieved
every thing that you have
sent me exsept one paper
I have reseived 10.00 dollars
from home before with this
last. and I was glad that
you have sent me this vest
but that old one would did
just as well as this but this
is a Military one and it
fits just right I could not
have a better fit if I had
been their to have it fitted
to me. it is about as warm
as our spring out here it is
awful mudy here now it
rain about all of the time
Where has the 4th regiment
gone please tell me and I
will write there and see how
[the?] [???] this [???]
[page 5]
I have got a very bad
cold just now. who is Colonal
of [your?] regt. Edgar is the
home sickest boy that I
ever saw he say that he
had rather work for L.
Hodges for 2 dollars a
month than to be out here
he had a letter from
Emly Tucker last week
and he says that he is
a going to Answer it you
find out whether he does or
not he is the slyest old
fellow that you ever saw
we have got the smartest
captain their is in the
Edwin A Lane [written in left margin]
[page 6]
the way that we fixed our
winter qwaiter was . we would
tair down all of the houses that
was empty and fetch them
into camp and fixed our
tents on them and the way
that we made our stoves
is take and dig a hole in
the ground and put a piece
of Iron over it and then
we have a good stove I am
in the tent along with
Jim Springer and George
Robinson they both [well?]
themselves to home I tell
you they send their love
to you give my love to all Ed
and receive this from your Bother Lane

December 21, 1862


Co. H, 40th Massachusetts Infantry
Residence (County): 
Bristol County, MA


Residence (County): 
Bristol County, MA


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Heather Messick
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September, 2013
M. Ellis
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November, 2013

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