Chesapeake Genl.
Hospital Fortress Monroe
Va. Nov. 4th 1863

Dear. Sister. Ella.
I recieved your letter
some time ago and was very glad
to hear from you and to hear that
you was will. but this will find
me improving very fast. my health
is very good now I feel the
feel the best this morning that
I have since I have been in the
Hospital. but I expect that I shall
be down again now as we have
a new doctor to day again
we do nothing now but have
new doctors. we had two last
week and I do not know how
many we shall have this. the doctor
has just been around, and it
is one that we had last week so
[page 2]
I guess that we shall keep him this
week. he is a very fine doctors so
I hope that we shall keep him. I have
got and awful pain in my head
this morning. I heard from the
Regt the other day, and Edgar was
well. but the Regt is in awful shape
they are awful sick their has 16
died out of our Regt since they
have been to Charlestown
but none have died out of our
company. our company is the luckiest
one in the Regt. they have not lost
only one man since they have
been out. but I can not say how
long before they will be more
but I hope not at any rate. we was
Mustered for pay last week so
the goverment owes me 52
dollars now and I hope that
I will get it before a great while
too. I hope that I shall get to my
Regt before a great while too
[page 3]
I dont care much how quick either
but I guess that it will kill me.
I wish that I could think of some
news to write you but I cannot I
have not had a letter for two or
three days now. but I had ought
to have one from home too day.
how many men has Norton got to
furnish aft this last call for troops.
have their anybody enlisted yet if there
has please tell me who tis will
you. has Father raised his mill
pond yet. who is a going to keep
school this winter. has Father
got anybody yet. if he has who
is it. do you see Willie very often
now. how is all of the folks this
fall are they as well as usual.
what is Father doing now. where
is daniel to work now. all of
the boys are getting along pretty
well now as it is getting to
be more healthy weather Mr Miller
[page 4]
is a coming home on a leave of absence
next week he lives down in the south
part of town but I must stop
till after the mail comes and
Mebbe I shall get some news to
write you I hope that I shall at
least. goodbye. the mail has
come and I have no
letter I guess that it will
come to morrow and
then I will write you
another one give my
Love to all and
write soon and tell
me all of the news
in N. from your Brother
and friend E. A. Lane
[page 5]
I thought that I would
write you a few more
lines. as the doctor has been
around now. how does
all of the Neighbors get
along. how does Mr. Ward
Richmond get along. I would
like to be to home and
work in the mill with him
this winter does he ever
speak of me. how did
Father have good luck
with his pigs this summer
by the way I have found
one Norton man in
here and his wife is here
too now. and she is a very
[page 6]
fine woman an she has used
me like a friend his
name is Rev. Henry Miller
from the east part of the
town. he is now Captain
in the 2d North Carlina
Colored Regt and is sick
with the Typhoid Fever
and he has been so that
low that we did not think
that he would live. but
now is up around. and
is gont have a furlough
which I think that he will
get next week. and I
hope that he will have
a pleasent time and I guess
[page 7]
that his wife will try to
all that she can for me
while she stays here. she has
given me apples and some
others things. and but I
think that she has given
me to much but she says
that she hasent and gives
me things. and I guess that
she would like to make your
aqquantances. but I must
close tell Ella that I shall
write to her tomorrow
and tell that she must
answer as often as she
can. give my love to all
the New York sick is a
[page 8]
going to their own state
to day. the Vt. boys went
day before yesterday I do
not see why Mass
does not call hers home
but Mebbe they will by
and bye but if they do
I do not expect to go as
I am to smart. but I
shall try to get home if
I can. give my love to
all and write soon. tell
daniel to write to me
and tell about what he
think of enlisting now and
recieve this from your son
and ever true friend E. A. Lane

November 4, 1863


Co. H, 40th Massachusetts Infantry
Residence (County): 
Bristol County, MA


Residence (County): 
Bristol County, MA


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Chesapeake General Hospital


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Heather Messick
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September, 2013
M. Ellis
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November, 2013

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