Chesapeake Genl. Hospital
Fortress Monroe Va
Nov. 6 1863

Dear Sister Abbie

I recieved your letter yesterday
and was glad to hear form you
and to hear that you was well.
my health is improving very fast
now. and if I do not have any
more pull Backs. and I hope that
I shant just now. I think that
I shall try to get to my Regt
after I get paid off if I can
any how. and I guess that I cant.
but the piles is a troubling me a
good deal. but you had no need
to worry about me now. as I am
out the way of all danger just
now. I expect that I shall have
to go on guard before a great
while so that you see that I am a getting
[page 2]
better fast. I heard that the Regt
was having a hard time of it now.
but I can stand it as long as I
can and then I shall have to give
up again and I shall have as
good care taken of me their as
I will have. so I think that
it will be just as well their
as it is here. but I have give
up all hopes of getting a discharge
and if and I do not want one
if I am able to do duty. I had
just as lives be here as to home.
because I know that I have to stay
2 years longer at any rate so I
content my self with that . and
if I am as well as I am now I
do not want any furlough
because I know if I should
come home, I should be uneasy
all of the time after it. but enough
of that. the weather here has
been fine for the last few days.
[page 3]
and I hope that it will continue
so while I have to stay here one
of the boys in my Company had a
letter from the Regt the other
day and said that Edgar was
well. and I was glad to hear it
because I did not know but what
he was sick. our boys was pretty
sickly but none of them had
died. we are getting pretty good
living here now. and by the way
we have another new doctor
this morning so we have had
three different doctors this week
so far. so we have a change in
doctors quite often now but I
guess that we have got one
now that will stay a spell. if nothing
happens. I expect that we will get
paid next week. how is buisness
in old Norton. is it as good as
ever. has father started the
saw mill yet. has he got much
[page 4]
stuff to saw yet. is Mr. Richmond
a going to help him this winter. has
their any body enlisted in N. yet if their
has who is it. who was elected Representive
in our town this fall. how is all
of the folks this fall do they
seem to be pretty well or be they
sickly. how does William Allen
get along now is he as well
as usual. give my love to all
and write soon and tell me
all of the news in N. and I will
wait till after the mail has come
and if I get any news I will tell you it
in this letter goodbye from your Brother Edwin
I had a letter from R Bonham
and they was all will and
all sent thier love to all of
you I mean Uncle Hall
folks. give my love to

November 6, 1863


Co. H, 40th Massachusetts Infantry
Residence (County): 
Bristol County, MA


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Residence (County): 
Bristol County, MA


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Chesapeake General Hospital


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Heather Messick
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September, 2013
M. Ellis
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November, 2013

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