Maryland sept 7th [1862]

Deare Wife
i sit writ you a few Lines to Let you
no that i am well after a long march
of about 15 miles we started from Camp
whipple about sunset saturday night
the 6th we marched throught washington
throught Long Brigge we cam throught
washington about 10 oclock marched t[i]ll
12 oclock got tuckerd out Laid down
in the woods a nice grove three of us
spread dwon our rubber blankets
am wrapt our woolen blankets around
us had a good night close to us
when i got up in the moring had about
a dozen Laid around us i can sleep
Like a Pig eney wheare. when i git
home i shall have to Lay out doors
and eat out on the grass we
Started in the moring moved slowly
on found regt about 3 miles found
Letter from you which revi[v]ed
me verey much
[page 2]
we started our Line of march
about 9 oclock marched throught the
hot sun through dust tow inches
thick it was as hot as eney day we
have at home we halted about 12 oclock
in the Edge of th woods but we are
under marching orders and may Start
at eney momemt i mad[e] a little
fire Put some Coffee in my dipper
and and had about a quart of Good
Coffe which the Boys Give me i had
no time Git eny for i was on guard
Ben. and i Called for the Copperl
of the Guard 15 to 20 times he would not come which to Pass it round
from one to another till i reaches
the Corpperall. which was that dum
Loued. i got a little hard bread
and a little salt Junk [1] which i
Left behind. i hav Just miad
a dish of tea mr B. Rice give me
good to. we hav to stand on guard
as a Co. once in ten days 4 hours
of[f] 2 hours on first rd and third
[page 3]
we have a very Plessent tim
i feel verey warm writing this
Ltter 5 oclock the Boy are all around me
Giting theare [tere?] supper macking thear
Coffe tow or three around a fire
roasting coron i had some at noon it
was Good. thoes that Left behind
keep Coming in not all come yet.
we all are in good Spiretes if do not start
to night we shall Say down on th
Grond which will feel as good as
eney beed. about 6 oclock and must i cloes
to night. Plessant dreams to you good night
monday moring sept 8th i had a
good night sleep feel firsrate
never in better health we did
not bring our napsack but on
the road we had blankets done
up in Long roull tied up [at?] the ends
and Put over shoulders. Corttredge Box
roand a bout. haversack a gun
with 60 roands rest the things the nap
sack you Can Let farrer have the
[page 4]
machine if mrs Dame is wiling
but he must give a writing to
show that we have Paid for it
i have not seen a rebel yet and
do not expct to nor of the Co. hase
i shall be very glad to have
them miniturs yourn to i want
to no ho[w] Alty is i git your Litters
in three days Derict but mign
are stopt in Washinington do writ
as often as yow can how mother
and Father
good by all
your Letter
i received date sept 4

  1. salt junk = meat preserved with salt
September 7, 1862


Co. H, 35th Massachusetts Infantry
Residence (County): 
Norfolk County, MA


Residence (County): 
Norfolk County, MA


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Rachel Flynn
Transcription Date: 
January, 2014
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
May, 2014

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