Maryland A Sept 8th [1862]

Deare Wife, i sit dwon to write you fewe
Lines to anser your qustions which i Cannot
think of tll after i writ my Letters. you say
yow would Like to have me there to tell about
the war and consequences if yow read
the Pappars you no more about the war than
i do the consequences god onley noes. we have
the darby Papers which they ask 5 cts. and little
truth we git (Baltemore and Washington) if i
should se the hearald i should no shumthing
about it we have moved monday about one mile
about .10. miles from Washington as reserve
in Case sote stone wall [1] should come
apon us if there was a Battle we should be keepe
Back to renforce. we are on this side of the
Potomace and if he dos Cross the river he
Catchet. Col. Mield tould we mit git
Corn or enithing we Could feind ther
is some apples which we git Pottatoes when
we can fiend them the Col. has just
road a long with tow Chickens he was
Cheered well
[page 2]
the Boys went to a woemens womens
Pen and got 2 Pigs Capt Dolan Boys have
just brought in a Calf he is now Laughing
at them. yow say thy there things to send
to us but we do not want them for
Pressent we have more then we Can
Carey now i think i Shall want some
under shirts but i will Let you no
when. the regt. Lost everthing they had
in the Larst Battle they need it more
then we d all the clothes they had was
on there Back. i want yow to make
me a little Bag to Put salt in which
will hold about 2. spoon fulls which
i Can Carey with me when we move.
yow Can send it in a letter you
spok about the house wife [2] all we need
is a few Buttuns Cotton thered and so
i do not no as i need a wife here but
i Should like the Company of my
own wife and family verey much
i hope will mot a Long before
i shall be to home it will not be
over three years at the Longest
[page 3]
if i am a live, if not we shall meet
again, do not worey about oald bills
but mak your slef Comtible Comfortable
as yow Can tell to sholder the napsack
and go to war, yow need not send eney
money tll i send for it i have got three $4.00
dollars a no chance to buy eneything
i was verey glaid of you stamps
i spoes Lester feels Pretty smart with his new
shoes. Billy Diyer says he did not write
in Letter about that Colvery.
Sept 9th Brookville Maryland we marched
to day about ten 7 miles i do not no how
Long i Shall stay heare we may not six
hours we are about six miles from Fredrickburg
i expect we shall go there we are wright
in on the sid of a villiage tow stors quarter
of mile of. i have got some Coffe sugar
had some hot flour shot Cake with buttur
i should like to stay heare but we Shant
i guess it bother to read my letters
i Can read all your, your
i want to heare from Alty, James Pratt
[page 4]
i feel rather tiard but in
good helth they is a host of
Trupps here we expect march to night
or to moring we do not git eney
reading here we Lay out in the
open air every night it jest as
good as eny where we sleep like
Pigs. we shall end the war Pretty soon
now yow think so if yow was
here now to see the sollgers roand
Good by

  1. Stonewall Jackson
  2. a house wife was a small sewing kit
September 8, 1862


Co. H, 35th Massachusetts Infantry
Residence (County): 
Norfolk County, MA


Residence (County): 
Norfolk County, MA


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Rachel Flynn
Transcription Date: 
January, 2014
M. Ellis
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May, 2014

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