Neare Harpers Ferrey sept 29th [1862]

Deare Wife Wendesday moring in good
Health the water heare efects me some but
It makes good maney about sick we are
about seven miles from Harpers Ferrey about
Two miles from the Potomace you have asked me
to tell you about the Potomace I. have not
seen it except at a distiance onley the night
We came throught Washington we Passed
Over it and over the long Brigge in the
Evening the Brigge is about one mile and qutar
I. received your Back letters monday sept. 7. 9.
and the one sunday 14th dated our Chaplian has
Turned up I. have not had a sick day sence
I. Came from Weymouth hav not had the
head ah ache sence i Came Jersey City to
Philadelipha we was all Tuckerd out
After the Battle but hav got rested
We had orders yesterday to march to
Harpers Ferrey the orders was Contarevened
I do not no for what. we have ben heare
5 nights we never no whare we are going
I. not no how we came to that thime
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We make our own Coffe in our dippers Coffe
an. Sugar is dealt out every tow days when we
are on halt fresh Beef every day outo I Cooked
Liver this moring it was good we have to buy
buy that is if we git it. the Buchers and
Officers git it. I. Paid 5 ct for up Peaice big
As your hand. I had a man help to eat at that
h found Pork myn was out. we Cooked in a
Tin Plate which i borred. I have not got
Aney. I. wish I. had. I. have got knife
Fork an spoon. we have raw Pork once or twice
a week. we hade no beans Rice or Peas sence
Left Canp Whipel. I expect we shall
have, but we doint no what we are going
to have, or where we are going we had no
soft Brear Bread but once sence Left Camp
Whipple. we Cannot git it fresh. Plentey of
Good heard Bread. I. have Just Ben to
dinner Beef Steak hot Buisket Biscuit.
I. Give 5 ct for a hot Buskit Buiscuit of man
he Got 8 for a quarter about as big
as a yourn make it is dull weather heare
to day it rains by spells. we have
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mad a tent of ralls spread our Blankets
over them. we have not all Got Blankets we striped
them of[f] when we went in to Battel sunday
the 15th I. Picked up one wollen Blanket sence
And a Poor Rubber one. we have sent for
some new ones. I. have spoke for a rubber
one there is a few houshes about a half
mile from heare. we have to go a half
a mile for warter med mudy at that
there is tow or three streames which run
from the Potomace which is no better
we do not have to stand on Guard
I. expect we shall have to go on Pickets
When it Comes our turn. we are on
High land but Can se nothing but
Mountians and hills. I. sopoes we shall
Go in to winters quarters in Course
of tow three weeks yow will have
Chance to send things or Box them
We sleep on the Ground in the oppen open
Air it is not so Could as it is in Weymouth
No frost but little Little Chilly
we see nothing But men horshes
And Meueles Bugges wagons
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I. got all your stamps which
very handy to exchange for sl small
things such Papper. if you Cannd
sell the wagon for 15 doallars you
you Can Let Elisha have it if
he wants it. i thought It was Partly
sold when he spoke about it
if not I. think I. shall want it
By next spring I. have got 2 dollars
Left enought at Pressent I. should
Like to se a Freeman which you
Can send for 2 cts

  1. The Concord Freeman, a Massachusetts newspaper
September 29, 1862


Co. H, 35th Massachusetts Infantry
Residence (County): 
Norfolk County, MA


Residence (County): 
Norfolk County, MA


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January, 2014
M. Ellis
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May, 2015

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