Camp Antietam Oct 4th [1862]
Deare wife As we are not drill this Afternon
Part of the Co. hav Gone to t wash we
Went this forenon on squad drill
I. am well and hop you are the same
I. had the head acke yesterday Afternon
did not drill till dress Praraid the
Presideint Lindon was heare to review
the Troops we went to a Large feild. there
Was 15 to 16 regt about 10,000 I. should
think there was seven Coulams [1] across
the feild I. was in the theird Coulams
about middle way If yow th take
Picktorl you may see it some time
you Can Pick one out with his face
all Coverd with hair we expect
to Go to Plessent Vallay to Camp
but I. do no whether for winter quarters
or not I do not no. we are Called
up at 6 oclock roll Called quarter
Past. from 8 to 9 squad drill Co. drill
ten to 12. we make our Coffee friey
our Meat or Pork
[page 2]
than battallion drill from
two to four. hard bread eney quanitey
fresh Meat most every day salt Poark
tow three times a week some smoked
Poark some times which tast as good
As beacon some Git big flor flour mixk
with warter Put some fat in the Plate
Put in the Cake and Bake it whis
verey good they do not Look so
white as you would make we can
Eat them I. have not made eney
yet but I. shall try soon as I. Git
som flour I. expect we shall have
flour when we Git to winter quater
if you should send a Box I. should like some
yeast Powders and you tell me
how to how to make beard fay Cordial
is the best medience yow Could send
We do not Git eny Potatoes here
there is none. tow or three men are
making soupe to day which is the
third time this week they Put in
[page 3]
Pressed vegitelbs which comes
in Cakes which they Put in instid
Potatoes which Goes verey well we
Can Git Chees at 15 cts apound and
Ginger Beard some times Pies 25 cts
I by buy sonetimes Chees and Ginger
And it goes to the right spot but beared
I. Canot found it verey often I have
Got one dollar Left I. should like
One of your mince Pies hot by Gorge
Can you read all my letters I. can
yourn. I. did not Git that letter
yow sent to Camp satton but
I. Got that one from Bartlett in Boston
Sunday moring Oct 5th Plessent
I. am well It is berey hot heare
days and warm nights for the larst
Week. We all think that this war
Will be settled up this winter
I. hop It will. I hope I shall see my
family once more but If not may
God bless yow and the Children
[page 4]
May yow take Good Cair of them
Which I no yow will make them
As Comtabl as you Can and yourself
Sunday Afternon I. received your
Letters this moring 25th. 29th. Oct 2th
It is a fortnight sence I. recived
Eney letters from you I. received
Charlotte Maria Got first worte
Sept 14 I. Canot Cannot Answer
It now All the letters I. write
now I. must write to you we
have to drill 5 ½ hours in a day
Dress Praid at 5 oclock which last
half hour thll tell C. M. I. thank
her for It I. should lik to hear
from her a Ghain ther is no Apples
heare no frut of eney kind
the Boy have brought some Apples
heare to sell at 5 cts a Peace
I. should like thme Pickless but say
no more a bout furloughts
[page 5]
yow May be surprised
But it is the last thing we think
of but of our wife and Children
we have ben her 9 days our
tents have Come to day an Cothing
they are small tents every one haves
half of a tent Put togeher makes a
Tent fror tow tell mother
I thank verey much for that
stamp and how not forgot her
I. should like some of Cak an
Chess I. think Bartlett would
take that wagon at 15 dollars and
Pay in Goods we expect to Go
Camp neare a raillroad which
better Gitting things and letters
I. expect to move in a day or tow
I. think I. tould yow in the letter
of 22th about the Battle but I
Doint no I was in Both Battles
but came out safe. I would rather
[page 6]
yow would not not no
Eney more till I Come home home
If I do not you had better never
no. I was Glaid to Git the boys minitures
I semed as thugh I wanted to eat
them up Lester Looks so smart
Aly so Cuning. write as often
as yow Can I shall do the same
I am on Guard to day to Guard
the Praid Parraid Ground from
Nusance we have sinks dug for
that Purpace but they will drop
It if there is no Guard. a young
man was talking with me some
time Come to find out it was Perra
ferring. from Dover I will Close
up Guard from 1 to 3 . 7 to 9 . 1. to .3 . 7 to 9
to morrow
Good by
Give my respects to all
Do not writ eny more on Blue
Papper with Pencel
James Pratt

  1. coulam = column
October 4, 1862


Co. H, 35th Massachusetts Infantry
Residence (County): 
Norfolk County, MA


Residence (County): 
Norfolk County, MA


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January, 2014
M. Ellis
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May, 2014

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