Pleasant Valley Oct 8th [1862]
Deare Wife I. sit dwon to writ you a
Few Lines to Let you no that I. am well
And hop you are the same and that
We have moved we Started from Camp
Antietam yesterday moring about
Sun rise we was Called up at 3 oclock
To Git ready we Came about 7 miles I.
Should we went up allmost to
The Sun some Call the mountains
One name some another some Blue
Ridge some Andee. I. tell you next
time It was the hardest march wee
had yet to Climb them mountains
fo tow or three miles It was as steep
As walnut hill an then to Come
Down was about as bad. we Arived
to Camp about five oclock about
Tuckerd out I. feel better then
W I. Expected I went about half
Mile Got my haversac full of
Small Aplles I. steuwed some
[page 2]
And maid some sause took my
sugar which I. had for my Coffee
and Drank Coffee with out sugar
We Can Git Coffee enough Coffee
But sugar Comes sho[r]t we d[o] not
Git half what blongs to us sombody
Gits the Cearm And Good many
other things Are the same. It is charged
to us It was the hotest day yesterday
I. think I. hav seen my shirt was
All wet though. C. Blancherd And
I. toGather After I. Got there my
Head ache so theat we did not Git
Our tent Piched till about 8 oclock
We hav a Peice about five foot
squar which makes sides we Put
Blankets Rbber which It verey
Comtable for tow of us It is so
hot now the sun will allmost
Scdld Scald now we are about
four miles from harpers Feerrey
[page 3]
I. am Going to make some more
sausce if we Git sugar to day
We have all had Good sugar Poor
Coffee I sopoes we Shall not have
to drill till dress Prairads to day all
We have to then is to Go out an. Go
Form in a line chang Posituns
of the Gun than Go in. we are
in betwen the mountains. ho does
the hog Grow how much does It
weigh how do you Git along housh
Lkeeping doint you think I. was
Prety saving with me to eat as much
As all of you I. do not no when I
shall Git my money heare I. expect
It will be some time I. shall send
It home when I Git It you need
not send my under shirt fors
Pressent. I do not as i shall want
It at all. tell Lester the sold
soldiers say they are smart looking
Boys and they do Look so
[page 4]
the Countery Gits well cleaned
but to have the rebel Armey
And the union Armey Pass throught
All th born feilds and fences are
Taken evering bleand out we have
Got Good warter handy the Larst
Place we had to Go a mile to Git
good warter. Grdley Lamson has
just deatailed tow men to bring Meat
he says ther is no steake on it it is
All slab he say it will to be maid
Into soup which makes about 4
times in a week we I have eate
no butter sence I Left Camp stanton
no Potatoes sence Left Camp whipple
the suttlers have not Arived yet
you have to spend 50 cent to Git
Bill Changed Give my respect to all
that ask about me. write often Give
the Price of things sugar Coffe Chese and
we do not Git my tea. Good By
Good health

October 8, 1862


Co. H, 35th Massachusetts Infantry
Residence (County): 
Norfolk County, MA


Residence (County): 
Norfolk County, MA


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Rachel Flynn
Transcription Date: 
January, 2014
M. Ellis
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May, 2014

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