No 22 Pleasant Vallay Oct 16 1862
I. recieved your Letter of the 4th
Larst night Aand Freemans the letter 7th
I. received surtday night I meant to
Numberd my Larst Letter which is the
third and sence Oct 5th. 8th. 12 this one would
be 22. I. meant in my Larst I. had not Lost
Enything but my Pants and neck Tie. I was verey
Glad to Git them Freemans we have not had
Eney Pappars or Books to read heare our Chaplian
has done nothing for us we have not had but one
Servece on the Sabbath he now reads and
Later Pray on dress Praide Every night
for for Larst two nights I would like to heare
About reed store being burnt I spoes
He wants to build a larger one I think
Bens Buck will then be better the veres
Are heare Aand they make a Good Laught
If yow have not send the vers keep them
Safe yow spoke about that salting the hog
I think It is the Best thing you can do if Pork
Is Low I. think it is the Chepest thing you
Can Live on and Potatoes if they are Cheap
for it is hard work to Git fresh meat in
winter time
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And Apples to if they are Cheap Apples are scarse heare
And will be whare they Armey Goes 10 cts a doz small
At that I am afarid my letters are worte so bad that you
Can not read them it begins to be Cooler wether heare it has
Cloudy wether heare for 3 or 4 days I done my washing tusday
but did not Git it dry till wensday there has ben but
bery Little rain you inquire how did Git them Ltters
on the night of the Battle at south mountain it nearley a hour
After dark the Compays had Got scatterd we Lay dwon on
The Ground no one was about to talk louder then a whisper
We had no Blankets we was so very Cold we Could not Lay
(We did not no where the rebbesls was but in the moring we
found they had Gon) a man said he would Git som
Blankets we went verey still where rebels Lay dead
A few roads from us I opened a napsack and took out
A peice of Carpiting which he used for a blanket he being dead
had no more use for it. in the moring we found thes
letters about 3 in the moring some one Came to us and said
he Could find the Blankets we took of we went
About a mile I Could not not find mine but Got
Two one was bill Rich we started to march about 11 oclock
We was all vey tird I marched about three miles and fell
out sat dwn by the fence with my blankets by my side
When I Got up they was Gone I then went to a housh
And Got my hot Cake as I tould before I want the
Baby minturss verey much Make yourself Comtible
As you Can Let them say what they may Rember you
Have one frind that is absent and God watching over you
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I am well and wish you all the same
tell Agusta I thank her for her Letter
have no time to snser it we receive the mail
saturday and wemsday I am well
as ever

your true friend
James Pratt

October 16, 1862


Co. H, 35th Massachusetts Infantry
Residence (County): 
Norfolk County, MA


Residence (County): 
Norfolk County, MA


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Rachel Flynn
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January, 2014
M. Ellis
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May, 2014

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