Pleasant Vally Saturday
Deare Wife Night Oct 25 [1862]
I. Sit dwon to write you a few
Lines to Let yow no that I. am well and
Hope yow are the same I am writing to night
by Candle we Expect to move to morrow
S Where God only noes for the better
Or worse I do not no when we Come to a
Stop Halt I Shall write the first chance
I. have there is in our Brigade four regts
35. Mass. 21st Mass. 51 N. H. H. New york 11 N. Hampshire
Faros Brigade. Sturges Divsion. The Cooks
Cooking up two days rations I was very
Thankful for that tea and yest Powders
We have tea about once a week now but
Not so Good as you Sent we have a
Great Spoon full to time tow Great Spoon
full a day of Sugar mich Coffee as you
Want I have not Shaved sence I Came
Frome Camp whipple but I think I. Got
Shaved when I enlisted in the Armey
I heare the Cry of fire but we here it olmost
Every nigt a Little straw or Corn shalks stalks
[page 2]
If yow send a Box I sopoes i Shall
Git some time or other I have not Got
that money or minitire yet of you had
Sent buy maill I Should have Got it before
this time the Cpt he went to harpers Ferrey and
Found them all I. think they are safe
Anought yow Nead not send Eny more
Tea or such things it takes tow stamps you
Ask Bartlett why he does not Cover them
All over whith stamps i think it is
Spreading it on to a Poor soilder Prety thick
to Git a few Grains of tea we Can
Git Pies Apples half stwed made in
Turnover form no Spice and fresh
the Sutler has vey Good Chees at 25 ct
A pound Good Chess when I Git that
Money I Shall have one bite. orur
Capt has refused to sign orders of the
Sutler I sopoes it will be better
For us and the Least money we have
the better sunday moring 26st If we do not have the
money we shall save it I am siting
he with my Great Coat on
[page 3]
Writing this Letter It is raining if
We do not Go we Shall half to Sit so
All d I do not think we Shall Go
I am bery Sorry about the babys
Mininture I want to see it so
We are about three miles from harpers
Ferrey and raillroad I wish I had
That Box now to Go into by Gorge
I Sopoes Josh feels Pritty Smart with
his Gall. I will Give it a name
(Peace) Give them my Best respects
they Say theye there is Lice Critters marching
Around here Branded U.S Poor soldiers
But I have not Sen E Eny on me
yet Shall I Send some some home
you Ask About Boots I should like
have a Pair but It will Cost so m
Much I. think I Could Git a Pair
heare Cheaper by tow or three dollars
Except some ones Gives me Pair I have
Got a New Pair of Armeys this moring
they was Good but one riped in sewing
Aand that will Cost $200 i sopoes
[page 4]
thell Charles Pratt he must
Sew them strong how is Charls
Give him my respexts tell
Lester he is a smart boy to Count
I. received your Letter 19 thurswensday
I received your 22. this moring this
May be the Larst Letter I shall
Write to yow but I hope not
I was to home Larst night
I think we be Near some
Raillroad And Good Chance
Send things kiss thee Baby 10 time
And the Boys to
God Bless All Good by
There is but few darkes heare
Now and then we see a whit
Whit Women
James Pratt

October 25, 1862


Co. H, 35th Massachusetts Infantry
Residence (County): 
Norfolk County, MA


Residence (County): 
Norfolk County, MA


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Rachel Flynn
Transcription Date: 
January, 2014
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
May, 2014

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